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Thu 20 May 2004 - Fine Gael's Core Beliefs Fine Gael is a party of the progressive centre. That means we act in a way that is right for Ireland, regardless of dogma or ideology. Fine Gael bases its policies and its ideas for the future of Ireland on its core beliefs :-- more

Mon 1 Mar 2004 - Fine Gael Leader gets Full Marks for Timekeeping If punctuality becomes a votersí issue by the time the local elections come around in June the Government parties will be on the run from Fine Gael. FG Leader Enda Kenny breezed through the door of the Silken Thomas, Kildare town, with not so much as a single hair out of place and barely five minutes behind schedule. more

Mon 16 Jun 2003 Fine Gael leader, Enda Kenny welcomes the Mayor of Naas, Councillor Timmy Conway, to the Fine Gael party Enda Kenny said that he is delighted the former Senator, and one of the founding members of the Progressive Democrats, Timmy Conway has decided to enter the Fine Gael ranks. "Cllr Conway's move is very encouraging and is further evidence that Fine Gael is well on its way to recovery." more