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Tue 30 Mar 2004 - Peter Kiewit Institute
The Prestigious Peter Kiewit Institute of Science Technology and Engineering is at the center of outreach development at Nebraska University. This institute is shaped by the dynamic alliance of education and industry. The Institute’s mission is to fuel collaborations and fire the imagination of faculty, students and business alike. In so doing, the Institute offers exceptional career opportunities for students and provides the business community with a growing labour pool of skilled professionals. more

Thu 13 May 2004 - Naas a University Town
Timmy Conway's vision for Naas is to see it become a University town. In a recent visit to Omaha (twinned with Naas), he got agreement in principle from the University of Nebraska, that they would provide Outreach facilities to a third level institute in Naas. Timmy facilitated a meeting between the Board of Directors and the Directors of the European College of Management based in Johnstown. more

Thu 13 May 2004 - New Primary School on Sallins Road
Permission has been granted for the building of a primary school on the Sallins road, comprising 16 classrooms and will cater for 500 pupils. This will alleviate the overcrowded conditions in the boys school. more

Thu 13 May 2004 - Proposed Community College for Pipers Hill
Twenty acres have been given free to the council In the proposed development of lands at Piper’s Hill which also includes a Golf Course and Housing, The council recently welcomed the proposal that this land be used for the provision of a second level Community College for 1,000 pupils. It is further proposed that there should also be a third level element in the form of the provision of a course on ‘Bloodstock Industry Management’ more

Wed 12 May 2004 - Letter from Charlie McCrevey to Timmy Conway Re: Primary School in St. Corbans

Fri 7 May 2004 - Letter from Noel Dempsey to Charlie McCrevey Re: Primary School on the Sallins Road

Thu 8 Apr 2004 - Town Council urges Dept of Education to aid St. Corban’s
Naas Town Clerk Mr Declan Kirrane said he had written to the Department on behalf of the Council. At a recent meeting, Council members agreed to target the Department on foot of a motion tabled by Cllr Timmy Conway. more

Mon 13 Oct 2003 - Letter to Department of Education and Science from Decal McGovern Principal St. Corbans Primary School

Mon 13 May 2002 - Letter to Department of Education and Science from Decal McGovern Principal St. Corbans Primary School

Wed 16 May 2001 - Gladiator Timmy's Education Motion Falls
Gladiator Timmy's education motion falls to death of a thousand 'buts' 'Your proposal is good, even laudable, but you force us to cut you down at the knees.' With that consensus from his fellow gladiators, Timmy Conway's motion that an education fund be set up for the young people of Naas was left limbless and bleeding terminally on the floor of the Naas UDC arena last night. more