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Fri 14 May 2004 - Cinema Multiplex Shot Down by Council
One of the issues which have arisen on the door to door canvass has been surprising. The anger still felt by Naas residents at the refusal by the Town Council to proceed with the proposed Cinema complex in the Millennium Park. We show the full minutes of the meeting which made this decision and they record exactly who voted for and who voted against. Because it was a Material Contravention it required six votes to carry the proposal. more

Wed 5 May 2004 - Plenty of housing but no facilities for Sallins
A new report published by the Central Statistics Office proves what members of Sallins Community Council have been claiming for years. The village’s population has increased four-fold with more than 70 percent of all houses in the village built between 1996 and 2002. more

Thu 25 Mar 2004 - Call for bouncers’ complaints list
Cllr Timmy Conway said a number of incidents involving bouncers had been brought to his attention by young people in the town. Lots of young people are telling me that bouncers turned them away for no reason. They were not satisfied with the way they were operating the rules and regulations, he said.. more

Tue 21 May 2002 - Roselawn residents at wits’ end over anti social behaviour
Cllr Timmy Conway said gurriers are going into Roselawn at night and scaring residents there. He said the situation is now “very dangerous”. A large majority of residents blame the pedestrian walkway which connects Woodlands and Roselawn with the Blessington Road for many of the problems in their estate and want it closed off. more