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Naas a University Town
Timmy Conway's vision for Naas is to see it become a University town. In a recent visit to Omaha (twinned with Naas), he got agreement in principle from the University of Nebraska, that they would provide Outreach facilities to a third level institute in Naas... more

Wed 12 May 2004 - Naas Youth Parliament
Councilor Timmy Conway founded the Youth Parliament in 1997. He came up with the idea based on the youth parliaments he was introduced to upon his stay in America... more

Thu 20 May 2004 - An Introduction to Politics
Timmy believes that Irish children should be introduced to politics in school so that they are enabled to play their part as fully informed citizens of Ireland. This part of our website is designed as an information tool for Primary School, Secondary School and Third Level students... more

Fri 2 Apr 2004 - Young people feel effects of FF Contempt
Timmy supports the Fine Gael Youth Affairs Spokesperson Damien English TD who has called on young people to make themselves heard in the upcoming elections... more