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Wed 5 May 2004 - Hospital may get funding for staff
The South Western Area Health Board said yesterday (Tuesday) it had received no information about any extra resources over the weekend, but there are strong rumours that additional beds and badly-needed staff are to be provided as part of an E50m nationwide pre-election spend on health. more

Fri 9 Apr 2004 - CHINA
Timmy is greeted by the mayor of E Zhou during his recent visit to China. Timmy and Kate were visiting their son Alistair who has been teaching in E Zhou University for the past year. He also met the Dean of the College who expressed great interest in forming links with the proposed third level institute for Naas. more

Mon 13 Aug 2001 - Bollards required at dangerous road junction
During the discussion, Cllr Conway said that delivery trucks parking on the footpath near Donegan’s were upsetting both the traffic flow on the approach to the junction, and also making it impossible for people with buggies to pass on the path. “It is highly dangerous,” he said. more