Comrade Tom

Comrade Tom is about a young Trainee Accountant who gets involved in politics at the beginning of the 1970's. It was a great time of protest and the Labour Party was explosive. Tom Conroy was a member of the Naas Branch of the Labour Party. He was requested to substitute for the Leader of the Labour Party Brendan Corish who had promised to address the After Mass meeting in Ballymore but was called away to Cork City to address a more important meeting.

Tom had being studying the speeches of President Kennedy and the great speakers of the day. He learned the President's speech off by heart. He was enthusiastic about giving his first speech.

The book takes you from that speech through all the areas of political activity. Later he actually challenged Joe Bermingham for the Labour Nomination. He was deeply involved in the Labour party and met all the chief people of the day. It ends with the Labour Party Conference, which was unique.

'Amazingly it all happened, as I was that young radical Tom Conroy.' - Timmy Conway

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