Pathway to Life

The DVD features:

Busy Canal
I sat by the canal
Among the weeds
A world of Colour
Surrounded me
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Mother Bernadette
Daily she walks the canal
Rosary beads her only companion
Contact with God and nature
Silent water soothes her mind
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Lone Swan
She drifts along
The canal in silence
Alone except for the
Children who feed her
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Dirt in the Canal
Half opened
Packed refuse bags
Float on the water
Current takes them
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Death of a Dutch Elm
You stand lifeless
On the roadway
Branches like bear bones
Of the dead
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Victoria Bridge
I know each
Tree in the wood by name
Birds that sing
Are almost tame
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Daffodils in July
A damp July day
Wind catching
Along the canal
Yellow lily sits on the water
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Day at the Canal
Canal opened up
Before me
Black clock
Struggles on the grass
Postman passes
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