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October 31, 2008

Moore Abbey Press Release

We understand that you carried a report on your evening news yesterday which stated that 80 jobs would be lost at the Sisters of Charity of Jesus & Mary Services, Moore Abbey. While this report is not without some foundation in reality, it is premature and probably significantly overstated. 
Prior to the Budget Announcement of October 14th 2008, the Sisters of Charity of Jesus & Mary were in the process of preparing plans to run our services in 2009 on a reduction of €900,000 in comparison to 2008 expenditure. This was necessary to
a)                  Recover the deficit which we will be reporting in 2008 (which is likely to be of the order of €600,000);
b)                  To safeguard against a further deficit emerging in 2009;
c)                  To secure the financial sustainability of the organisation into the future. 
The driver of this deficit has been the non-recognition by HSE of inflation linked to non-pay (heat, power, light; transport, insurance, medical equipment, et cetera) costs in recent years. We anticipate a cost pressure linked to non-pay inflation in 2009 in the order of €450,000. HSE have already confirmed to us that they will not be in a position to offer any funding to assist agencies with non-pay inflation. 
The impact of the Budget Announcement 2009, on the basis of the information currently provided by HSE, indicates that we will experience an actual cut in allocation of almost €2 million in 2009. (While the budget statement from the Department of Health & Children references a 1% cut in overall allocation for voluntary disability service providers, the signals from HSE are that this Budget-related 1% will form part of an overall 3% cut in allocation. When the non-pay inflation factor is taken into account, the implications are of an overall cut in allocation between 4% and 4.5%.)
As we have exhausted all measures on the non-pay side, we are now forced to achieve this reduction in expenditure on the pay side. For the organisation to recover in the region of €2.9 million translates into probably the equivalent of 70 whole-time equivalent positions. This does not mean, however, that 70 current employees will lose their positions. We are in the process of developing plans to alter rostering arrangements, tightening up on temporary relief panels, not filling a number of vacant positions, discontinuation of any reliance upon agency support, introducing more efficient holiday-cover arrangements. The number of current employees whose position is in jeopardy will be significantly influenced by the success of these salary-saving initiatives. 
It is, however, unlikely that we will be able to achieve the necessary level of expenditure reduction without having some recourse to reduction in our overall employment level. 
It is unlikely that we will have a clear picture on the detail of the financial-recovery plan until late November. Very careful planning is under way to ensure that whatever arrangements are put in place safeguard the interests of the citizens with disability whom we serve and minimise job losses among current employees.
It is relevant to note that the picture could change very significantly if we receive more reassuring information about the application of the Budget Announcement to the disability sector.  
It is also important to note for your listeners that the Sisters of Charity of Jesus & Mary Services provide services in Kildare but also in Laois, Offaly, Westmeath and Meath.
We employ approximately 750 members of staff in these five counties.
Signed:           Brendan Broderick
                   Sisters of Charity of Jesus & Mary/Muiriosa Foundation

October 22, 2008

Monasterevin Online Discussion Forum

Not many people may have been aware of the Monasterevin Forum that was hosted on a local Monasterevin website.  It was an active and interesting meeting place for people (over 140 memebers) to meet in Cyberland and discuss topics relevant to Monasterevin and indeed topics in general.  There were a number of areas of keen interest, GAA, all the clubs been represented, restaurants, movies, the train station, recreation centre, parks, walkways, the graveyard, schools, sport in general, life in general.  People discussed; family histories, directions, doctors, housing estates anything you could think of.  There were very artistic people on there, writing poetry, having spelling competitions, photographic competitions etc. 

I probably should have made a list of the topics now that I think of it, too late now.  It was a local person who took on this responibilty in their spare time and they did a wonderful job, it probably was up there for 4 or 5 years, quite a commitment in time and effort and they should be congratulated for their contribution.  This has left a void, one that may be taken up with a person, who has something similar set up for Celbridge in County Kildare.  He has generously offered to expand his forum and accomodate Monasterevin.  There maybe other options but in the meantime the URL for the potential new site is     http://campbells.proboards52.com/index.cgi  I will change the link on the front page of this website to reflect this also.

Meanwhile if any one out there has an alternative suggestion, e-mail me at the address on this webiste.  This was a very usefull resource for the town and it will be missed.  Once again thanks to the original Forum Administrator for all his time and effort over the last number of years,  It was very much appreciated. 

October 20, 2008

Scoil Eimhin Naofa County Champions


Raising the Cup



The Victorious Team


katie and claire.jpg

Lap of Honour around the Town

October 08, 2008

Credit Union Car Draw

Monasterevin Credit Union will hold their next members car draw on Thursday 16th October at 5pm in the Credit Union. Members who are not already signed up can do so by contacting the credit union before the draw.
Finbar Wright
Don’t forget the above concert is on in the church on the 17th October. Tickets @ €35 are still available from Earleys Fashion Shop or from the Parish Office.
Parish Committee
The AGM of the above was held recently and the following committee was elected; President - Fr. Liam Merrigan, Chairman – Denis Mahon, Vice Chair. – Marie Lawless, Secretary – Mary Ryan, Assistant Sec. - Gertie Byrne, Treasurer – Andrew Mahon, Assistant Treas.- Frances Doyle, PRO – Joseph Melia, Committee Members; Ger Harrison, Teresa Mahon, Bridie Byrne, Michael Mahon, Tony Callanan.
Draws and Lotteries
Monasterevin GFC
€150  J. Murphy, €50 each to J. Carroll, C. McLoughlin, L. Christie, sellers prize Js. Murphy.
Ballykelly GFC and Community Council
Numbers drawn on 6th October   No Winner Micheal €20 each; Kelly c/o M Kelly Tony Keogh c/o S Whyte Eddie Donohue c/o E Donohue Sean Teresa Fitzgerald c/o B Fitzgerald Cian Stafford c/o M Dowling.  Next weeks jackpot 10,400