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April 12, 2005

About our Group

Monasterevin Community Council was formed because of a vision of what could be done with a patch of waste ground. Thanks to that committee the vision is now a reality Riverside Park. Their success story is to be seen in all its glory by the Monasterevin community and all who pass by by Rail, River or Road.


The present committee came into existence following consultative meetings held by Action South Kildare in the town. It was initially a subcommittee whose aim was to establish a local centre to enable people in the community to access training and competency in computers and information technology.

In December 1996 the committee made an application to Action South Kildare for funding towards the project. A three year plan was drawn up, detailing the various stages to be implemented. The application was successful and a grant was allocated to the project.

Thanks to Fr. O'Sullivan a lease was secured on two rooms in the upstairs of the old Convent Primary School and conversion work began on the rooms. All the necessary equipment was purchased and installed and the centre was ready for its first students. The first computer courses began on 2nd September 1997. Participants were identified through a survey conducted by students on a Summer Job Scheme. These courses catered for both adults and children, we also offered the children a Summer Camp on the computers with the help of the Dept. of Social, Community and Family affairs, who also funded a Back to Work course for Women who were long term in the home.

Students on the Summer Job Scheme sponsored by Monasterevin Community Council (MCC) also assisted in the surveys and other work involved in drawing up the report campaigning for the re-opening of the Railway Station. A further Summer Camp for children was also facilitated under this scheme. Last summer only one student applied to MCC to work under that scheme. Beatrice Whelan undertook to research and compile a very interesting and artistic booklet on our local Parish Church. Her finished work, entitled The Famine Jewel has recently been published and a special copy presented to our Parish Priest Father Denis O'Sullivan.

Monasterevin Community Council in partnership with FAS are facilitating a full time training course in the the Resource Centre. It has been running successfully for the last 18 months. It enables young people to learn the skills needed to obtain good quality employment in the workplace. The project under the name Monasterevin Newsletter Project as a by product of the training produce a bi-monthy publication called Evins Echo which is well received in the community. They are also undertaking the responsibility of keeping this web site up to date. Many of the trainees to date have gone on to secure good quality employment while others have decided to further their education.

MCC continue to run part-time evening courses which are well attended by people from the community. Check out the local press and this web site for details of new courses. While all this hi tech activity goes on, work continues on Riverside Park. On going maintenance is provided by C.E. workers who keep the Park in pristine condition. Facilities continue to be improved with the recent attraction of the millennium fountain.

To date we have achieved all the targets outlined in our plan submitted to ASK and our new challenge is to plan for the future.