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Waterways Regeneration Officer

My name is Patricia Keenan and I am the Waterways Regeneration Officer for the Grand Canal and Barrow Line. I began work in September 1999 and since then have been involved with several community organisations in developing project aimed at developing the canal in their area. Projects have included environmental improvement schemes and liaison with Waterways Ireland and County Councils on behalf of local communities.

My role is: -
  • to increase awareness of the Grand Canal and the Barrow Line as public amenities.

  • to promote the concept of regeneration of the canal corridor

  • to encourage participation by public, private and community interests in the regeneration of the canal corridor.

  • to encourage, organise and promote the widest possible use of the canals for recreational, sporting and cultural use.

  • to liaise with local authorities, local development associations, tourism authorities, the Inland Waterways Association and other interested parties to promote and encourage a co-ordinated approach to canal regeneration.

  • to liaise with the Waterways Service in regard to local development proposals and securing approval and support in project proposals.

  • to organise information seminars and events which will inform local communities and private individuals of opportunities on the canal.

  • to provide technical assistance to local organisations in the development of project proposals and implementing these schemes.

  • to promote the image of the Grand Canal and the Barrow Line in the local and national media.
If you would like further information or discuss projects in your area please do not hesitate to contact me.

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