Many multi-national companies have discovered the county in recent years. Several have located their European operations here. These include Intel, Hewlett - Packard, AHP Manufacturing and Oral – B. Una Halligan, Public Affairs Manager with Hewlett Packard reported their reasons for establishing an operation in Kildare as, "availability of zoned industrial land, ease of access to transport and distribution points, assistance from the Irish government and the high quality of human resources available for the operation."

Industries in Kildare
(Source - IDA)


Companies Employing 50+



Intel Ireland Ltd Leixlip 3,650
Hewlett Packard Leixlip 1,424
Telemecanique (I) Ltd. Celbridge 300


AHP Manufacturing BV Newbridge 900
Oral B Laboratories Newbridge 384


Donnelly Mirrors Ltd Naas 382
CSP Industries BV Naas 88

Print & Packaging

Modus Media Intl. Kildare Town 562


Irish Industrial Explosives Enfield 62
Sundai International Newbridge 42
Currgh Tintana Newbridge 75

Kildare a Prime Location

Sectoral Breakdown of Industries in Kildare
(Source-Gamma stats)

Industries in Kildare

The Industries

Co. Kildare
provides both an excellent base for operations and an attractive residential area. It has many towns and villages distributed throughout the county, with a good transport network providing ease of access between towns and to Dublin. Recent improvements in infrastructure have seen the average travel time to Dublin reduced to under an hour from anywhere in the county. A new frequent/rapid rail passenger service direct to Dublin city centre has been opened to service commuters from the north of the county.


The dispersed settlement pattern has led to a good distribution of services through out the county. This allows people settling in the county a choice of living in rural areas, villages or towns with ease of access to the services provided in all. Kildare has a range of excellent services including schools, health and community organisations, libraries, local authority services and competitively priced housing. Natural attractions include the Liffey/Barrow valley’s, parks, country houses, fishing and other water based activities.


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