Kildare County Council
is the local government authority responsible for the development and management of the natural resources of the county.

As part of their strategic development plan they have identified suitable land and zoned it for industrial use. The option to rezone other sites exists. They administer the new Urban Renewal Tax Incentive Scheme. This scheme provides generous tax incentives to developments in designated areas.

Kildare County Council is responsible for the management of water, waste and other site necessities. Hewlett Packard has credited their ease of stablishment in Kildare to the start-up assistance they received from Kildare County Council.


County Transport Network


County Transport Network

Kildare has an unrivalled transport network servicing the county. This is largely due to its proximity to Dublin, where traditionally all transport routes, canal, rail and road have evolved from. Kildare has a motorway that links the county directly with Dublin city centre, port and airport. The county has a direct freight rail service into Dublin with a newly developed high-speed passenger rail service directly into the centre. Rail services also link the county with other national centres, namely the cities of Waterford, Cork and Limerick. A national road network runs extensively through the county linking the towns and forming the national primary routes from Dublin to other cities.



Map of Kildare showing proximity to main points of distribution.





Despite the continued growth of Dublin, Kildare is fortunate to maintain large areas of land. Its location on the fringes of a growing city has made it an increasingly popular site for locating warehouse and distribution enterprises. There is a growing demand for such services both within the county and to service the Dublin market.


Ireland is acknowledged world-wide as possessing a highly developed telecommunication network. The government is also investing heavily in the development of the telecommunications infrastructure. Features of this network include:

World-wide direct fibre connection Intercontinental routing service
Broadband ISDN Switched data service
Leased lines Low tariff for volume user

Ireland is an increasingly popular base for the teleservices sector. Attractive incentives, excellent and competitive telecommunication facilities and a skilled workforce are encouraging many companies to establish here.

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