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Student Supports

Here at the Centre, our aim is to promote the education, training, and development of everyone in our learning community.  There is a strong emphasis on personal development and creativity as we aim to promote a person-centered approach in all our programmes and activities.

Therefore, the following have been put in place as supports:


VTOS Athy provides a confidential counselling service as part of its student and staff support.  A safe space is provided where individuals can explore personal issues, or issues related to their learning.

Personalised Learning:

A class period is provided each day for Personalised Learning - there is no other class scheduled at this time.  It is when learners can work on what they themselves choose, with the support of tutors and/or fellow learners.  It can give learners a chance to catch up or to  move on in a course and encourages people to work at their own pace.


Each learner is provided with a mentor i.e. a member of staff, who guides them throughout the year, with their subject choices, overall goals/objectives, and study plan.


Education and career guidance are an intrinsic aspect of our holistic approach to working with learners in VTOS.


Extra tuition is provided for any learner who needs either one to one or group sessions as a support for their learning.

 ATHY FET (VTOS) Athy, Carlow  Rd., Athy.   Tel 059 8632044