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August 17, 2011

RTE Gameshow Who Knows Ireland Best? : Nationwide Search

Who Knows Ireland Best?

Derek Mooney - Who Knows Ireland Best? Presented by RTÉ's Derek Mooney, ‘WHO KNOWS IRELAND BEST’ sets two teams against each other in a fun, entertaining game show.

Contestants will be drawn from Ireland‘s workforce, sports clubs and hobby groups in teams of three. There will be Cabbies verses Scuba divers, Nurses verses Karate Experts and Firemen verses Dancers - a cross-section of the population.

We’ve asked 1000 members of the public - 100 probing questions about everything from their manners and morals to their hopes and expectations. It’s a census of our self-esteem, a survey of our cultural body image.

We have the results of the survey and we want to find out…

Which of our teams is most in touch with the people? Who has their finger on the pulse?
Points are awarded for being in agreement with the majority of the survey respondents. The eventual winners can truly be said to be in sync with the heart of the country.

‘Who knows Ireland best?’

Do you think YOU and YOUR team ‘Know Ireland Best’ ?

If you would like to take part please get in touch with us now.

Download Application Form

Email or call Kate on 086 237 5499.