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Lord Edward's Own primarily portray the 1798 and 1803 Irish Rebellions but since doing our first show in Charles Fort, Kinsale Co. Cork in 2003 members have expanded their skills to multiple periods of history. Lord Edward's Own also portray all sides in the fight for Irish Freedom (1916-1920). We're also launching an exciting project to recreate the 86th (Leinster) Regiment of Foot as it fought during the Napoleonic period, see below for details.  


Since 2006 Lord Edward's own has been a member of the Kaki & Green, an umbrella group that brings together the leading 1916-1920 re-enactment groups from the island of Ireland. Seen above are Irish Volunteers, Irish Citizen Army and Cumann na mBann at the 90th Anniversary Parade in Monasterevin at Easter 2006. Present are The Kaki & Green, Enniscorthy Historical and Re-enactment Group and Lord Edward's Own. 

Seen above are three Tommies bringing Countess Markievicz from her cell in Kilmainham Gaol.under guard. (2007)

You can't re-enact history without portraying all sides of the story, so we have developed excellent relationships throughout the Irish and UK re-enactment commuinity.We also strive to assist those promoting Ireland's marshal heritage and history, for that reason we provide honour-guards and living history displays for veterans organisations and history groups. 

Contact: You can get in touch with Lord Edward's Own through Monasterevin Historical Society. Click here to e-mail.


Above: Filming for Nationwide with WW2 groups from across Ireland. 

86th (Leinster) Regiment of Foot Project

If you have an interest in Irish Military History or in the Napoleonic age we invite you to join us, in a new and exciting project: to recreate the 86th (Leinster) Regiment of Foot as it appeared in the years 1806 to 1812. This regiment of Irishmen spent 23 and a half years overseas, fighting in Egypt, India, Ile de Bourbon, Ceylon, and as marines aboard men-of war. Originally recruited from Leinster and other parts of Ireland the regiment won fame as the "Irish Giants" and "Bourbon Heroes". In 1812 it was retitled as the Royal County Down Regiment.

We intend to recreate the 86th with a high standard of drill and historical accuracy to portray the Irish soldier as he fought all over the world in the 19th century. As a member of the 86th you'll be an ambassador all over Ireland and Europe for our great marschal heritage. 

Interested in joining? Get in touch for and introduction to the hobby.  


Above: Our favourite event to-date, the Battle of Carrickshock. 

Anove: Napoleonic soldiers awaiting battle. (2007)


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