On this page you articles on a diverse range of topics related to Monasterevin history.

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An Introduction to the history of Monasterevin

An introductory article prepared by MHS to show locals and visitors alike the span and sweep of history around Monasterevin. Read More:


A Timeline of Monasterevin History 

Compiled from multiple sources this timeline brings you from the Stone Age to the Present Day. This is a big file! Read More:


Who's who? in our history

A gazzetteer of the famous and infamous who have featured in the history of Monasterevin.   Read More:


Herself and her dog

Myth, rumor, and the ravings of mad men, these are often important sources of Irish history. This is a sometimes humorous look at things that may or may not have happened. Read More:


The Marquises and Monasterevin 

The story of the Moore family, Earls and Marquises of Drogheda who lived at Moore Abbey. This article was prepared by MHS for broadcast on KFM radio during Heritage Week 2006. Read More: 


Lord Drogheda's Blues (The 18th Hussars)

Monasterevin's links to the famous cavalry regiment that fought in the Penninsular War and Waterloo. Their Colonel was the 1st Marquis of Drogheda and many Monasterevin men served as troopers. Read More:


The Monasterevin Type Discs

Robert Stevick has made an in depth study of the geometry found in all celtic art. In this short article he explains how the seven enegmatic objects known as Monasterevin Discs were made. Read More:


Placenames of Monasterevin

This article forms part of an ongoing project to record local placenames and their meanings. As well as being of interest to local historian it may be of use to property developers seeking to name new developments. Read More: 


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