My Christmas Childhood

Saint Stephen's Day

The Wren Boys made Saint Stephens Day special. They dressed up and went from pub to pub singing and collecting money. My friends and I copied them. We sang and collected also.

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Saint Stephen's Day

Saint Stephenís morning
We went to McHughs pub
Women in black shawls in the snug
Drinking glasses of stout
Exchanging tales of Christmas
I went around with my glass
And filled it with laughter

The Wren Boys
Quieting the pub with their singing
Tom Delaney playing the mouth organ
And Tom Johnson dressed as a woman
The entertainment and the collection
Singing the Wren Song

Then the pair sang and danced their way up town
Bringing dancing with them
As we followed them from pub to pub

There was the inevitable raw over money
It was in Johnís Lane
When Delaney beat up Johnson
Turned him upside down
Coins fell to the ground
And danced like diamonds

A half crown rolled over beside me
I covered it with my shoe
Delaney picked up the coins
While Johnson whimpered
I was petrified
But did not move
When they left
I put the coin in my pocket
Ran home
Thanking God for Christmas