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Naas Youth - Naas a University Town

Timmy Conway's vision for Naas is to see it become a University town. In a recent visit to Omaha (twinned with Naas); he got agreement in principle from the University of Nebraska, that they would provide Outreach facilities to a third level institute in Naas. Timmy facilitated a meeting between the Board of Directors and the Directors of the European College of Management based in Johnstown. Both parties were excited at the prospect of closer connections. They envisaged an interchange of students between Naas and Nebraska to complete semesters in whichever location was most appropriate. Timmy sees a university business campus based in the Millennium Park working in close cooperation with the local businesses who would be attracted by the partnership research possibilities. This has proven to be a very fruitful combination in the past. The Naas community owns twenty acres in the Millennium Park which would be ideal for this type of campus. This could also support start-up units along the lines pioneered by Gallup in Nebraska. See also our item on the Peter Kiewit Institute.

On his recent visit to China, Timmy met with the Mayor of E Zhou Mr Xie Song Bao and also with the President of the Mr Hu Guoming. They were both very interested in developing further links with Naas and felt that both cultures would benefit a lot from closer cooperation.

Outreach Facilities have already been offered by Tallaght IT.