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Bollards required at dangerous road junction

Mon 13 Aug 2001

During the discussion, Cllr Conway said that delivery trucks parking on the footpath near Donegan’s were upsetting both the traffic flow on the approach to the junction, and also making it impossible for people with buggies to pass on the path. “It is highly dangerous,” he said.

Cllr Anthony Egan agreed and said that if a loading bay was put down along the lane it would be much safer. He also suggested that the junction itself should be ‘staggered, so that the line of cars waiting to turn right was stopped further back along the Newbridge Road. “When a truck comes around from the Main Street it’s an awful problem,” he said.

Cllr Pat McCarthy called it a ‘crazy situation’ with trucks stopping ‘at all times’ on double yellow lines. Cllr Charlie Byrne wondered what had happened to the much-discussed plan of some years ago for complete new cross-roads at the junction, including a new road down by Sarah Flood’s to Corban’s Lane.

Cllr Seamie Moore noted that the laneway behind Donegan’s was currently being used as a ‘storage area’ for collection services.

Cllr Willie Callaghan said the idea of early morning deliveries only will have to be looked at, and he also asked that some kind of restraint be put on the Rushe’s side of the junction to stop young people rushing across the road late at night.

Town engineer John McGowan said he would come back to the next meeting with a report. He said the bollards would be up to Kildare County Council to erect. He would also seek clarification on the owner-ship of the area behind Donegan’s.