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Cinema Multiplex Shot Down by Council

Fri 14 May 2004

One of the issues which have arisen on the door to door canvass has been surprising. The anger still felt by Naas residents at the refusal by the Town Council to proceed with the proposed Cinema complex in the Millennium Park. We show the full minutes of the meeting which made this decision and they record exactly who voted for and who voted against. Because it was a Material Contravention it required six votes to carry the proposal.

A vote was taken on the Material Contravention and the vote was as follows:

5 votes for: Cllr. Conway, Cllr. Bracken, Cllr.Moore, Cllr.O’Reilly, Cllr. Callaghan

3 votes against: Cllr. Glennon, Cllr. McCarthy, Cllr. Byrne,

1 abstention: Cllr. Egan. (In effect, a vote Against)

Minute of Meeting: 21 Jan 2003

Minutes of January Monthly Meeting of Naas Town Council Minute No. 3: 3.

To consider material contravention of Naas Town Development Plan 1999 in respect of planning refe The Town Manager stated the planning application was for a nine-screen Cineplex with car parking and associated works. He stated that the material contravention had been advertised which invited submissions and observations. He stated that no submissions or observations were received during the 21 day period from 14th November 2002. He stated that the planning report had already been circulated to the Members. The Town Manager read the report for the benefit of the meeting. Mr. P. Gallagher Senior Planner stated that the planning and context for the application were set out in his report circulated to the Members.

Cllr. O’Reilly complimented the Officials on the preparation of the report. He stated that this would be a good development for Naas and the Environs and he would have no hesitation in proposing this material contravention.

Cllr. Callaghan stated that the vast amount of people were going to the cinema in the Square or Liffey Valley. He stated that Naas had lost out to Newbridge in relation to shopping and factories and Naas Town needs a cinema. Cllr Callaghan stated that he would second the proposal.

Cllr. Egan stated that he would see this as a potential change of how we see Naas as a compact Town Centre. He asked if there would be rail link in the future. He stated that it should be a prerequisite that that the interchange is put in place. Mr. Gallagher Senior Planner informed the meeting that the cinema was an off peak leisure activity. He stated that the road infrastructure could accommodate this activity. He stated that the nearest rail link to the Millennium Park at the moment is the Arrow Station in Sallins. He stated that it is proposed to supply a feeder bus from Sallins Station to the Millennium Park if required.

Cllr. McCarthy asked what majority would be required for the material contravention. The Town Clerk stated that it was 6 Members. Cllr. McCarthy stated that this is a piecemeal approach to planning. He stated that he is aware of the Traffic Congestion on the Sallins and the Monread Road at the moment. He stated that this development hinges on the interchange being in place and he will not support this development until the interchange is in operation. He stated that he is not in favour of bringing more traffic onto the Sallins road and with this development the amount of traffic levels will go on much later in the evenings. Cllr. Glennon stated that the local cinema is still serving Naas well. Cllr. Glennon stated that traffic on the Sallins Road is never off peak. An extension of time for the meeting was proposed by Cllr. Callaghan and agreed by the meeting. Cllr. Glennon stated that while there is a rail link the last train is at 9.30 p.m. Cllr. Glennon referred to the re-zoning granted during the 1999 Development Plan for a cinema, bowling alley which would have been within walking distance for people in the Monread area. She stated that this development has no link to the Motorway. She stated that the zoning of the Millennium Park is for an industrial zone and this looks like the Town Centre is being moved out of Town. She stated that she cannot understand why this development is being considered when there is adequate zoning on the Sallins Road. Cllr. Glennon stated that she would not approve of any development that would take from the Town Centre. She stated that individuals cannot walk to this and this would bring Traffic onto the Sallins Road she stated that there is no reason for this development when there is already a site zoned for the cinema on the Sallins Road and there is a good cinema in the Town. Cllr. Moore stated that he believes that people will welcome the cinema in the Millennium Park and he is delighted to see this development. Cllr. Moore stated that this is needed to compliment the development in the park. Cllr. Byrne asked how much employment this will bring to the area. Cllr. Byrne stated that one would need transport to be able to get to the cinema. He stated that the cinema would be of no benefit to the Town if located in the Millennium Park. A further extension of time was agreed by the meeting. Cllr. Conway stated that if the people of Naas wish to go to the cinema they have to travel to the Square or Liffey Valley and these cinemas are always full. He stated that he thinks that it is a very good proposition for the Town. The County Manager stated that the Members had been provided with all of the documents and the decision comes down to what the view and vision is for Naas. He stated that a cinema is important to the rapidly growing area. He stated that in due course there would be a link across the canal and there will be feeder buses as necessary. He stated that the Development Plan is not capable of keeping up with the pace of development. He stated that the Material Contravention process is a quasi-judicial process taking into account the proper planning of the area. He stated that the Material Contravention would not have been put before the Members for consideration if Management had not considered it to be of benefit to the Town.

A vote was taken on the Material Contravention and the vote was as follows: 5 votes for: Cllr. Conway, Cllr. Bracken, Cllr.Moore, and Cllr.O’Reilly, Cllr. Callaghan 3 votes against: Cllr. Glennon, Cllr. McCarthy, Cllr. Byrne, 1 abstention: Cllr. Egan.

This concluded the business of the meeting.