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Dev. Improvements to busy Naas roads needed

Sat 31 Jul 1999
Meanwhile Cllr. Pat McCarthy proposed that “Naas U.D.C. calls for a report from Kildare County Council on its plans for improvements to the Sallins Road, Naas, from the traffic lights at North Main Street to the Urban District boundary. In particular, the report is to refer to plans for traffic calming measures, improvements to footpaths, pedestrian crossings, prohibition of heavy goods vehicles and improved safety measures for traffic movements at entrances to housing estates.”

Town Clerk Declan Kirrane, pointed out that the Sallins Road was a regional road and was the responsibility of Kildare County Council.

Town Manager, Terry O’Niadh, said that perhaps the best option would be the EU co-financing fund and suggested they should ask Kildare County Council to seek funding for next year from the EU co-financed fund for work that would include measures such as traffic calming, footpaths, etc. There was no point in asking Kildare County Council itself if the money wasn’t there. He told members that once a source of funding was identified the monies in the first year would be to have the design made. “When I came here the money required for the Sallins Road was £2m and we have already spent £0.5m,” he said, adding that there was talk now of cycle lanes being put in place also which would further increase the cost. Cllr. Timmy Conway said it was a most important road and something should be done to ensure that essential work was carried out.

Cllr. Pat McCarthy said he couldn’t understand why all the traffic from Drogheda to Roeselare had to go down the Sallins Road. “I’m not sure where this Council is going regarding the Sallins Road,” he told members, warning it could become a speed trap. “This has to be dealt with and soon. The population has increased tenfold since this began,” he added.

Cllr. Conway said they were building a road from the millennium park to the motorway which should take some of the heavy traffic off the Sallins Road.