Activities of The Association

Fundraising: This is a very important function, which provides the association with the necessary funds to provide or engage in a variety of activities, which are not otherwise funded by school budgets or the board of education. Recent successful fundraising events include a Golf Classic, which was held in the Carton golf course and, more recently, the introduction of a family Voluntary Subscription scheme.

Funding; This is one of the rewarding duties for the members of the association where they decide on what to spend the welcome funds received as the result of the fundraising activities. Examples of recent funding include computers for the Special Needs Class and the Careers department and contributing towards the cost of the schools annual Musical.

Helping with school functions; There are a number of functions during the school year where PTA volunteers can help with the preparations, provide tea and refreshments and generally clean and tidy up the venue. The Christmas Carol Concert and the annual school musical are highlights of the school year where it is a real “buzz” to lend a hand.

Voicing opinion on local issues; The PTA can voice considerable support or objection, as the case may require, towards local developments or activities that may impact on the learning environment of the school.

Projects; Activities that require more time and effort than is normally available at the regular meetings, are designated as projects and assigned a separate sub-committee.

Two current examples are, the School Library project, and the PTA Website project.