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Our World

Our world is beautiful.

Look around you, it’s nice.

Look up at the sky,

Wonderful blue clouds.

Look at the beach,

Happy children playing at the beach.

Look at the world.

All the wonderful colours.

Our world is beautiful

Keep it tidy.

Thanks God.

Karen Dunne, age 12

I Am The Best


I am the best,

I am the best,

I can do anything on my own.

But one thing I can not do is

run fast I do not know why.

It’s just well I do not know.

Sandra Byrne, age 8

I met a man

whose name was Pat

and he was awful fat and

he had a flat cat as a

mat and he sat on the mat

and left a brown stain on

the mat. "Oh my God" said

fat Pat. "I found another


Sarah Kinnear 10

Karen Butler 12

Teacher: If I cut three apples and three oranges into four pieces what would I have?

Pupil: A fruit salad, Miss


Q. How does Batman’s mother call him for dinner?

A. Dinner, Dinner, Dinner, Dinner,Batman!

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