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The Easter Bunny

There was a loud knock at the door. I ran to open it and was amazed to see a large bunny standing there. "Come with me" he said, "I want to show you a special place". I got such a shock, I could not answer him. After a while I mumbled "I would like to thank you very much". He had two special ways of getting around.  On some of the way we flew. We soared high into the sky, I was really excited.  After a while we landed, we went into an underground tunnel. It was really dark.  There were big walls. There were shadows on the wall. There was also a lot of noise and rocks, suddenly we came to a large door. Bunny pressed a bright yellow button, the door opened. We stepped inside, I could not move again, it was just too good to be true. I was probably the luckiest person in the world. There were machines, mixers, wrappers, baskets, bunny ribbons and lots more stuff. The room was colourful and big. Small bunny approached me. He was carrying a huge box. "This is for you", he said. "Open it and taste the chocolate". I did not know it was a magic egg. The room looked bigger but it was not. There was a lot more Easter Egg Baskets, ribbons and more stuff. Suddenly I fell down a hole from no-where and before I knew what happened we were outside walking, headed for home but it was like we were running. Then we soared high, faster than a plane and when I realised that the egg I ate was magic, I was almost home. Was I dreaming or was the egg I ate magic and did I go to your factory? I asked the Bunny the questions.  "Yes", he said. I nearly fainted. By now my family would be up so I pretended I was only getting up as well.

Marie Fox. Aged 10 years.

The Little Easter Bunny

Tom’s baby sister was far too young for chocolate so instead of an Easter Egg, she was given a small out-fit to keep the blustery spring winds away. Do you think that when she wears her out-fit people might think she is the Easter Bunny? I think they might.

Mr. Magic’s Easter Treat

When Mr. Magic did tricks for his family he pulled white rabbits out of his Top Hat and sometimes white doves that flew round and round his head.

But at Easter time he takes his Top Hat, waves his magic wand and pulls out chocolate rabbits and Easter Eggs of every shape and size. His friends think this is magic.

The Easter Hare

On Easter morning some children go on an egg hunt to search for eggs, hidden by the Easter Hare. Sometimes the eggs are made of chocolate, others are hard boiled with brightly coloured shells. If you are lucky enough to go on the egg hunt, remember to look everywhere, for the Easter Hare is a crafty fellow and hides his eggs in the strangest places.

Sarah Brosnan. Aged 10 years.

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