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Hurlers On A Roll


Coill Dubh hurlers seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment, with a number of wins right across the grades. The U-12s beat Eire Og - Corachoill by 5-2 to 1-2 with good displays from Eanna O’Neill, Francis Kilcoyne, Quentin Carew, Lorcan Hayden and Thomas Byrne. The U-14s had Barry Mullins, Shane Condon, Derek Sullivan, Paul O’Brien and Aneas Murphy in scoring form in a 5-6 to 2-2 win over St. Laurences. The juveniles overwhelmed Ardclough with good displays from John Cross, Tim Roddy, Eoin. Mooney, Gary Judge and Peter Sheridan. The minors also defeated by Ardclough, albeit by a point, with Ciaran Young, Colin Connolly and Adrian O’Sullivan in form, while the intermediates pipped the ‘oul’ enemy’ Eire Og

- Corachoill in a tight finish, thanks to sterling performance by Sammy Young, Noel Mooney and Paul Connolly.

Poker Classic

St. Kevin’s AC ran a very successful Poker Classic on Good Friday night in Coill Dubh Community centre. In all 56 players faced the starter, with Staplestown’s Joe Dunne emerging victorious. Joe had to fight off stern opposition in the final from David Noone, Stephen TaIbot, Tomas Donoghue, JJ Brereton, Martin Mullally, Johnny Gill and Michael Reilly.

The club wish to thank all who supported the venture especially John Larkin who did Trojan work to ensure it’s success.


"Dear Heart of Jesus, in the past I have asked for many favours.

This time I ask you for a very special one. (mention favour)

Take it, dear Heart of Jesus, and place it within your broken heart

where your Father sees it. Then in His merciful eyes it will become

your favour and not mine. Amen."

Say this prayer for three days, promise publication and favour will be granted.

Never known to fail. S.C.

(by Clare Kelly)

The Birth

She stumbled

In her running,

Pulled to the fall of the clay

By the sticky wetness,

Unsure of her

Footing in the bleak dawn.

The new born lay

Lifeless, sprawled

Before the fussing mother.

She felt for pulse,

Faint, distant,

Soaring between the

Two worlds, as the

Falcon banks in the wind.

Talking in low soft tones,

She cleared the

Lambs nostrils,

Breathed her own

Breath down the

Life path, the white

Breath of healing.

And protection,

The juices of birthing

Clung to her cold fingers,

She welcomed their warmth.

The lamb snorted,

Shook its head,

Ears flapping

Against sodden cheeks,

And bawled.


The mother, stood,

Stared, stamped her foot,


Instinct told her –

Move off – watch.

The ewe nudged her baby

Gently with her nose,

Muttering tender noises,

Poised in the vision

Of her great deed,

Again, anxious, she

Moved around the lamb.

In the circle of life,

Creating sacred space

For her child.

Copyright Nollaig Ni Breathnach


Septembers sun

Is warm and fair

And berries open


Hips and haws

With crimson glow

Nuts are ripening

Acorns too

Skies are getting

Darkly blue.

(Author unknown)

sent by Sabrina Cox, age 8

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