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How to develop a village with intelligence

Link to Saintfield Mill Online Video

Saintfield Mill - this is one example of how substantial development can take place in a way very different to what we, unfortunately, have become used to. Social and physical Infrastructure together with creative planning and design will keep Ballymore Eustace special. We want special development and creative planning for our special village. Intelligent planning - which builds communities as well as houses.

We would welcome and support development proposals which take into account these aspirations.

Proposals for development which:

1. Appreciate the special nature of Ballymore Eustace

2. Add to the special living environment and sense of community currently enjoyed and treasured by the residents of Ballymore Eustace.

3. Do not take from the beautiful, riverside, natural and built environment in which we are fortunate enough to live.

4. Respect and acknowledge the many enduring and special architectural features existing in the village - to create developments which are sympathetic to what already exists.

5. Take full account of the impact of the proposal including resultant demands on local social and physical infrastructure.
















Ballymore Eustace C.D.A.

C.D.A. News

planning sub-group first meeting took place on 21.2.08 at Resource Centre. The group have had numerous meetings since.

Fiona Breslin reported on the activities of the group at the November 2008 C.D.A. AGM in resource centre.

It was reported that a  meeting was planned with representative of COVA Developments who control sites at Doran's Meadow, and other significant sites in Village. Our intention is simply to re-iterate our wish that developments will enhance the special nature of the village, particularly by replicating the look and feel of the village and enduring streetscape.

more to follow