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Colm Ivers

Colm Ivers 

Colm has been involved in all aspects of theatre since the age of 18. he began acting and directing under Peter Hussey of Crooked house and later graduated from NUI Maynooth with a degree in English and Music in 2007. Since finishing with theatrical academia which he describes as "rudderless and misguided" he has become strongly involved with the redevelopment of Smock alley theatre, is the assistant manager of the Tivoli theatre and works as a freelance lighting designer.

"When I write: I'm not 'trying' so much as not trying. The one thing I'm really not interested in is trying to impress or trying to put how clever i am on the page for the world to see. I write theatre as an author who wants to be forgotten, scripts that are meant to be performed and not read, tinkered with and reinterpreted. I want to read and see my own work and wonder about the characters as if it's the first time I've met them.

When I write: I want to know as little as the audience, The second thing I am not interested in is preaching or telling my point of view. If my opinion was really that important I'd be a politician or a therapist or a priest, I'm not, I'm an entertainer and i know my place. I want to ask questions and never answer them, developing emotions rather than themes.

When I write: I want music an rhythm, happy and sad, the real world and not, freedom and control.

When I write I want a lot of things but I'll settle for a good play."