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For more information on town domains, contact the County Kildare Community Network

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Town Domains Protocol 2012

[Geographical Domains in County Kildare]

"The Council is responsible for registering geographical domains in its own name and retain all rights to use them as it sees fit.

The Council, in conjunction with the County Kildare Community Network Co. Ltd. (CKCN), will facilitate the development of town domains as web portals based on an established Technical Framework.

CKCN will be responsible for maintaining the Technical Framework in order to facilitate the ongoing and long term development of town websites in Kildare.

CKCN will work with local communities to market and promote town websites within established terms and conditions.

Town websites will be non-profit, community based and inclusive and will contain content and information that is deemed appropriate, based on established terms and conditions."


Domain Name: A unique name that identifies a website. e.g.
All domain names have a domain suffix, such as .ie, .com, .net, or .org.
The Irish Domain Registry (IEDR) manages the .ie domain and maintains the database of .ie registered domain names

For more information on geographical or town domains contact the County Kildare Community Network