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The Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme (VTOS) is now changing it's name to Athy Further Education and Training (Athy FET).  Athy FET provides adults with the opportunity to return to learning.  It offers a variety of Programmes for people over 21 who are in receipt of Social Welfare.  

At present Athy FET in Athy caters for 65 students.  Athy FET places an emphasis on hands-on practical work as well as group and personal projects.  All programmes lead to QQI awards which are recognised by employers and colleges.

Athy FET encourages students to achieve their own learning goals, facilitating them in creating a greater awareness of their own abilities, thus gaining confidence in every aspect of their lives.

Career Guidance is available to all students, as is a personal counselling service.

 ATHY FET (VTOS) Athy, Carlow  Rd., Athy.   Tel 059 8632044