Kildare Town Heritage Centre & Tourist Information Office

Kildare Town Heritage Centre & Tourist Information Office

The Market House, in the centre of the Square has been developed into a heritage centre and Tourist Information Office.

  • Address
    Market House, Market Square

    Kildare Town

Kildare Town Heritage Centre is an exciting visitor attraction situated in the picturesque town of Kildare.

Located in the restored 18th century market house is a multi-media exhibition centre telling the story of Kildare past and present.

Your host Cogitosus, a 7th century monk, will take you on a fascinating journey through time - an audio visual presentation of the town from when St. Brigid established her church in 480 AD, to later centuries when Kildare was raided by Vikings and later ruled by Normans.

Kildare gradually developed into a market town and a modern town while still preserving the outline of its street pattern, its round tower and cathedral, which entice the visitor to explore the various sites of interest throughout Kildare.

Kildare Town Heritage Centre is the ideal starting point for a tour of Kildare Town. An integral part of the story of Kildare is to visit the Historical sites after visiting the centres.