Local Riders Invited to Apply for Sports Bursary

Local Riders Invited to Apply for Sports Bursary

Aspiring dressage and event riders are invited and encouraged to apply for a dressage bursary offered by M & S Simply Dressage before the closing date on 28th February 2019.

The bursary, open to riders of all ages and abilities, is a great opportunity for the winning candidate to gain expert advice and coaching for an entire year in order to improve ability and performance.

M & S Simply Dressage is made up of partners Mark Ruddock and Sean Burgess and is based around their yard in the Curragh Co. Kildare. Mark and Sean relocated to Ireland from the UK in 2018 and have immersed themselves in the Irish dressage scene bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and experience. This bursary is being provided as a thank you for and in recognition of all of the help the pair received from many organisations and individuals who gave their time selflessly to enable them and countless other riders to be successful.

International dressage and eventing trainer Mark originally began his career in eventing and show-jumping before converting to dressage, competing at Grand Prix and qualifying as a list one judge. Mark judges and coaches regularly in Ireland, the UK and beyond and is also a regular member of the ground jury at three day events. His competitive CV includes an impressive 962 results on the British Dressage database and his observations and comments upon judging at high level championships are widely sought after. Mark’s training and riding experience is complimented by Sean’s experience as both an advanced dressage rider and an ex international event rider. Together Mark and Sean aim to show pupils how to improve their riding while enjoying their training.

The bursary is aimed at finding the ideal candidate who is enthusiastic, committed and keen to improve from the level that they are at. Candidates can be of any age or ability but must own or have permanent use of a horse or pony and their own transport for same.

Candidates should apply to markruddock7@icloud.com detailing their name, address, age, contact details and a brief background of their riding history, their horse, any challenges or disabilities and their goals and aims for the season and years ahead. The closing date for applications is the 28th February 2019.

MS Simply Dressage

After the closing date candidates will be funnelled down to a shortlist of four who will attend a viewing day at Brownstown on the Curragh. The successful candidate will then be decided and selected. All finalists will receive discounted rates on future training sessions. The winning candidate will receive one free private training session each month for twelve months at M & S Simply Dressage as well as discounted rates on any other training they require. The candidate will also receive advice on key performance areas including goal setting, competition techniques and competition preparation and planning.  The winning candidate will be asked to keep a diary of their journey and will be assigned homework after each training session to enhance and develop on what was learned. Mark and Sean are delighted to be able to offer this opportunity and look forward to working with their winning candidate and enjoying a successful journey with them throughout 2019.

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