Bernard Fitzpatrick Announces New Single Looking At Myself

Bernard Fitzpatrick Announces New Single Looking At Myself

Bernard Fitzpatrick's upcoming Single 'Looking at Myself' will be released on Nov 23rd.

There will be a launch gig the following day on Saturday 24th November at 9.00pm in Bru House, George St., Newbridge, Co Kildare. 

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Check out the Music Video for the single below:

A versatile songwriter, Bernard released his first album - The Folk Songs - in 2012. It consisted of 10 songs in the Irish folk acoustic vein. In some of the songs of that album, one can already appreciate the influences which have come to fruition in the songs of the forthcoming album, of which Bernard's first single, "Looking at Myself", is an prime example. This current work is a unique mix of pop, classical, gypsy jazz and Spanish influences, which also reflects the origins of some of the members of the band.

The meaning behind the song is as follows: "When I met Erik, I had already started writing in this new style. His gypsy jazz background was perfect for it. Looking at Myself was one of the first songs I played to him and immediately he could identify with it musically. And so, it became the first song we really worked on together.

Without trying to be pretentious, as a songwriter one can feel removed from everyday life and - at the same time - very much a part of it, very much on the pulse of it. This song is about becoming more at ease with all of this, with who you are.

I guess that's why it was important for me to have family and friends on the video. It was important to capture relationships that help you see yourself, be yourself. And to have all these people together in one place, at the same time... well, that was just the greatest fun!" - Bernard.

Bernard and band played their first gig in Spain where they headlined the launch of the Cabanyal Intim Theatre festival in Valencia. Their upcoming gig in Kildare will be an exciting night of musical fusions of Gypsy Jazz and Spanish influences with a Pop sensibility. A night not to be missed. 

Bernard Fitzpatrick is a singer songwriter from Newbridge, Co Kildare.

Erik Tuleja is a double bass player from Slovakia who lives in Newbridge. He is from a family of gypsy musicians. His musical background is gypsy jazz. Erik has been playing with Bernard for the last 4 years.

Azucena Bermudez is Bernard's partner and came on board during the recording of the single. She has since gigged with the band as a backing vocalist. She is from Spain.

Daire Wallace, from Naas, has recently come on board as a session musician. He is a classically trained pianist who has been playing professionally for the last decade. He is a versatile musician who plays in different music styles.

Alba Reiris will be playing with the band for the first time during the upcoming launch of the single. She is a professional, classically trained cellist from Spain who recently moved to Ireland with her partner Spyros Fakiolas. She has ample experience playing in orchestras, duos and trios.

Spyros Fakiolas - Alba's partner - will also be playing for the first time with the band during the upcoming launch of the single. He is a classically trained clarinet player and often tours with Alba. He is from Greece.

Bernard Fitzpatrick - Looking at Myself (Official video)


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