Clark Recruitment Research in Partnership with Maynooth University

Clark Recruitment Research in Partnership with Maynooth University

As part of their 20 year anniversary Clark have commissioned research, in collaboration with Maynooth University School of Business, on how to attract and retain millennials in the workplace.

20 Ways to Attract & Retain Millennials

Clark Recruitment commissions research in partnership with Maynooth University on attracting and retaining millennials in the workplace.

The Business Research Project, which was conducted by a Masters student, identified how Irish companies can attract, recruit and retain millennials.  Millennials are those born from the early 1980’s until 2000.  They are that first generation to grow up in the digital age.

The research, which was titled "An Evaluation of How Employers Can Retain Millennials" has provided Clark with some valuable insights which are of benefit to any organisation who are hiring millennials or already have millennials working in their organisation.

20 ways to attract & retain millennials


1.  Create a culture attractive to millennials

2.   Define the company culture and communicate it internally & externally 

3.   Work-life balance and flexibility can increase productivity

4.   Millennials are conscious of their wellbeing – make it a priority in the workplace

5.   A strong set of company and personal values is important for millennials


6.   Have a well-defined job description

7.   Create short videos/photos on work/products and share on social media platforms so millennials can relate and connect with the company

8.   Have a mentor program, encourage learning through generations interacting with each other

9.   Tell a story about a millennial who is already an employee, let them be an ambassador for the company

10.  Have an open door/informal management style

11.  Have regular feedback sessions and encourage free exchange of ideas

12.   Communication – love them, hate them, but don’t ignore them

13.   Be individual & personal when given feedback, give examples & be specific


14.   Celebrate the small stuff i.e. birthdays & anniversaries. Let employees know they are valued and appreciated. Make it personal and specific

15.   Get to know and encourage your employee’s passion – i.e. running, music and reward accordingly (i.e. tickets to a gig, sponsorship for a race)

16.   Make them feel irreplaceable

17.   Recognise milestones with the team such as hitting targets or winning new business


18.   Career growth & development – help develop and encourage pathways

19.   Encourage team work and collaboration with team building events that take them out of their comfort zones

20.   Boost motivation by investing in employee’s development and offering cross departmental training

Established in 1998, Clark is a Recruitment & HR Services based in Naas, Co. Kildare. With an innovative spirit, solutions focused approach and the human touch, Clark partner with their clients to project manage Recruitment & Selection, provide HR Guidance, Managed Services and Executive Coaching. Their business is underpinned by three main qualities: professionalism, integrity and a focus on people.

For further information on this piece of research and the services Clark provide, contact Clark on 045 881888 or

Maynooth University
is an internationally recognised institution located 25 kilometres outside of Dublin, Ireland, and is the nation’s fastest growing university.

Maynooth School of Business aims to be at the forefront of delivering innovative, engaging programmes for future leaders in the fields of business and management. 

It undertakes to research and deliver teaching with the aim of making a difference, and innovation underpins everything they do.

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