Drone Footage of Pollardstown Fen

Drone Footage of Pollardstown Fen

Watch some beautiful video footage of Pollardstown Fen in County Kildare, taken by a drone at sunset.

Pollardstown Fen is the largest remaining calcareous spring-fed fen in Ireland. 

The area of the fen is 220 hectares and a large portion of it is state owned.

It is recognised as an internationally important fen ecosystem with unique and endangered plant communities. It contains a number of rare vegetation types and invertebrates

Undisturbed fens are rare in Ireland. 

Pollardstown Fen is maintained by groundwater from the Curragh Aquifier, a natural underground store of water. The Fen is one of the main places where the aquifier's water table meets  ground level. 

A boardwalk route has been installed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service to allow visitors to experience the fen up close.

Pollardstown Fen National Nature Reserve is located 3km west of Newbridge in Co. Kildare. A bird hide located in the southern section of the nature reserve is open to the public.  

For more information visit the kildare.ie Pollardstown Fen page - Click here

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