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Straffan's "Horseshoe" forge down

The Leinster Leader 13 July 1963

Straffan's picturesque "Horseshoe" forge tumbled in a pile of rubble recently as a bulldozer cleared the way for development.
Sadness tugged at the hearts of local people as the building came down. For many of them it represented the end of an era, the era of the blacksmith and the horse.
The forge, which had not been in use for some time, retained its impressive horseshoe-shaped entrance in granite blocks, and travellers often stopped to admire it.
It was formally owned by Mr. Walsh, Straffan, and then became the property of his daughter, Mrs. N. Allen. Structural alterations necessitated its demolition.


Before the bulldozer began its work local children were moved from their temporary classroom next door as a safety measure. This building will soon be vacated by the children, for a new school is nearing completion and should be finished by the beginning of the next school year in September.
The new school will accommodate all the children of the district. At the moment, they are in two separate schools.
Meanwhile, local people are hoping that Straffan's famous horseshoe has not disappeared forEver. It was learned during the week that the granite blocks which formed the entrance can be reset.

An article from the Leinster Leader of 13 July 1963 on the demolition of Straffan's famous horseshoe forge

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