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The Jogger

I was asked to run for charity, by God said I, “I WILL”
So they handed me this sponsor card and it I had to fill
I asked around the neighbourhood and of course the family
Would they throw in a few ‘ould pound and help to sponsor me.

I bought myself some trainers, a jersey and some togs.
And when I started jogging I was nearly ate by dogs.
The neighbours were all laughing and calling me a clown
So I just calmly told them, to put their money down.

I ran every morning and the same thing every night
And after two weeks running it started coming right
I knew how I was feeling that I could do this race
It was just a matter of timing, so I set myself a pace.

The time it passed so quickly, t’was the morning of the race
And when you hear of my mistake I stand now in disgrace
For in my haste to run this race and cross the finish line
Just like the clown they called me I forgot to check the time

So as I lay there sleeping the whole of Ireland ran
Sure I mixed up the starting time, which was four AM
Now as for all your sponsorship if it’s all right with you
I’ll train a little harder and a marathon I’ll do.

No, I won’t make the same mistake, no not a second time
And I guarantee each of you I’ll cross the finish line
So if you see me out there going for my jog
Please do me a favour and bring in your bloody dog.

Joe Kennedy


'The Jogger,' a poem by Joe Kennedy, Allenwood. Our thanks to Joe  

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