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The Mc Dermott Family 116 Coill Dubh

Micheal Mc Dermott from County Cavan was the son of a 'readesman'. He met Kathleen Finnegan who was a farmers daughter living in Monaghan. They married in 1948 and came down to live in Mainham, Clane, County Kildare. Micheal got a job with Bord Ma Mona, with the offer of a house. The moved into 116 Coill Dubh on 5 June 1953.
They went on to have five childern:  three boys, Micheal, PJ, and Peter, and two girls, Marguerite and Betty. We have many happy memories of growing up in Coill Dubh. We had great neigbours, who were so kind. The Rooneys and the Reddys lived either side of us.
Sadly our mother, Kathleen, past away in 1971, and our father, Micheal, died twenty years later in 1991. To this day, Peter Mc Dermott lives happly in the homeplace, 116 Coill Dubh, with his wife Sylvia and their  family.

Continuing our stories from living and growing up in Coill Dubh we feature the McDermott family. Our thanks to Peter McDermott

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