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The Gorman family, 98 Coill Dubh, who formally lived in number 155.

James Gorman, A sligo native served in the Curragh Camp during the Second World War. He moved to Allenwood to work for Bord Na Mona after the war. He met Kathleen Percival during trips to the local shop her mother Margaret Percival ran.  She provided the local Bord Na Mona workers with cigarettes, papers, milk, etc. Kathleen was later to become  his wife.

They later noved to Coill Dubh village, and their two son were born in Coill Dubh. Seamus was born in 1958 and William was born in 1962. Our next door neigbours were the Percivals, who were cousins of ours. When we lived on the front row our neigbours were the Wise family,  Farrell family, Magarahan family and Paddy Lyons and family.

Seamus left Coill Dubh in 1982 and went to live in Celbridge where he married a girl from the village of Celbridge. William still lives in 98 Coill Dubh. We have very fond memories of growing up in Coill Dubh.

Continuing our stories from living and growing up in Coill Dubh we feature the Gorman family.

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