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Leinster Leader 15 July 1950

Old Market House


The County Council had decided to acquire the old Market House and to erect the new weighbridge on the western side of same. The public lavatory would be closed The Engineers report on the proposed improvement of the old Market House would come before the next meeting of the County Council.

The pebble-dashing at the County Hospital had been deferred pending the erection of two new windows in the top ward. All the other works at the hospital had been carried out-lighting with a lamp for each bed, painting, radio, with head-phones and new X-Ray apparatus A new nurses residence had been sanctioned at an estimated cost of  £3,200. Work on the footpaths in the town was being carried at present and work to relieve the flooding at Hospital Street. Hoses have been restored to the two fountains in the town. In connection with the superannuation scheme one of the members the branch had not received his superannuation with retrospective payment.

Complaints were received in connection with a number of pumps which were out of order, and it was stated a contract had now been entered into for the deepening of those pumps.

It was decided to congratulate Mr. W. Norton, Minister for Social Welfare and also Mr. M Keys Minister for Local Government, on the introduction of the Social Security Bill, and the Bill to amend the County Management Act.



An article from the Leinster Leader of 15 July 1950 on Kildare Town's old Market House

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