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Leinster Leader Aug. 25th 1917
Arrest Of Sinn Fein Leader
Mr. Thos. Ashe, who was re-arrested in Dublin on Saturday, was brought to Newbridge by the mail train on Sunday night, arriving about ten o’clock. He was immediately conveyed to the Newbridge Military Barracks; afterwards being removed under a very strong military escort to the Curragh Camp. Inquiries there on Tuesday evening showed that he was still being detained at the Garrison Barracks, Curragh, until arrangements are completed for courtmartial.   Our representative having made further inquiries on Tuesday evening at the Curragh Camp with reference to the arrest and detention of Mr. Thomas Ashe, learned that Mr. Ashe was detained in the cells of the Guard-room attached to the 22nd Infantry Battalion at Keene’s Barracks. Mr. J Grehan, who was arrested at Mountmellick and brought under strong escort to the Curragh Camp on Monday was detained in an adjoining cell. It was stated that Mr. Ashe and Mr. Grehan would be brought up under courtmartial but the time of the trial had not been arranged at the time of the inquiry.
 Mr. Mr. James Grehan, who was arrested at Mountmellick and brought to the Garrison Prison, Curragh Camp, has been formally charged with illegal drilling, and will be tried by courtmartial when the necessary formalities have been gone through. There was no charge preferred up to Wednesday afternoon against Mr. Thomas Ashe who was arrested in Dublin, and is at present in a neighbouring cell in the same prison at the Curragh. Mr. Michael Collins, of the National Aid Association, travelled from Dublin to the Curragh on Wednesday, with some local friends, visited Mr. Ashe and Mr. Grehan.

The arrest of Thomas Ashe is reported in the Leinster Leader of August 1917. Our thanks to Roy O'Brien.

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