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Kildare Observer, April 27th 1912
The Titanic Disaster
The figures given by the President of the Board of Trade confirm the returns already published about the awful loss of life caused by the sinking of the Titanic. Altogether 815 passengers and 688 members of the crew lost their lives. Out of a total of 416 female passengers, 315 or 76 percent were saved. The crew included 23 women, and of these 21, or 91 per cent, were saved. Of the male members of the crew only 22 per cent were saved. Altogether 493 passengers, or 38 per cent of the total, and 210 members of the crew, or 23 per cent, were saved. Judging by the sensational incident at Southampton on Wednesday when a number of firemen left the Olympic, alleging that the collapsible boats were not seaworthy, the Titanic disaster has created a feeling of nervousness among seasoned seamen.
The Titanic Disaster
Amongst the members of the crew of the Titanic lost in mid-ocean was Mr. Ernest Waldron King, assistant pursers, who was son of Rev. Thomas Waldron King, now of Clones who, with Mrs. King, was in charge of the Straffan Estate Schools for many years. Here young Mr. King’s early education was received. This gentleman was, it is recalled on the “Olympic” when she collided with “The Hawk.”

King, Ernest Waldron. Lived at Currin Rectory, Clones, Ireland. Occupation - Clerk, Pursers Assistant. 28 years old. (Born in Dublin, Ireland).
Body number 321. Interred at Fairview Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Memorial stone in Fairview Cemetery reads:- In loving memory of Ernest Waldron King, Currin Rectory, Clones, Ireland, died on duty, SS Titanic, April 15, 1912. Aged 28 years. ''Nothing in my hand I bring simply to thy cross I cling. 321.
Information Clearing House
By Robert Fisk
06/24/06 "The Independent" -- -- It comes as a shock to walk through the Titanic cemetery.
Take Ernest Waldron King of Currin Rectory, Clones, in Ireland. "Died on duty, SS Titanic," it says on his headstone. "April 15,1912, aged 28 years. Nothing in my hand I bring, simply to thy cross I cling." And then I glance at the lowest writing on the stone "Erected by Mr J Bruce Ismay to commemorate a long and faithful service."

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A Kildare connection to the Titanic disaster from the pages of the Kildare Observer, April 1912.

A Kildare connection to the Titanic disaster from the pages of the Kildare Observer, April 1912.

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