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Hymn to St Brigid
Far above, enthroned in glory,
Sweetest Saint of Erin's Isle.
See thy children kneel before thee,
Turn on us a mothers smile.
Sancta Mater, hear our pleading,
Faith and hope and holy love.
Sweet Saint Brigid, Spouse of Jesus,
Sent to us from heaven above.
Sweet Saint Brigid, all thy children,
Far and near, o'er land and sea.
'Mid the world and in the cloister
Fondly turn with love to thee.
Sancta Mater, soothe the mourner,
Shield the weary tempted soul,
Sweet Saint Brigid, guide thy children,
To that bright and happy home.
Alternative translations and spellings exist –
e.g. 2nd verse – ‘Send to us from heaven above’ instead of ‘Sent to us from heaven above.’
3rd verse ‘Sweet Saint Brigid, Erin’s children’ instead of ‘Sweet Saint Brigid, all thy children,’
4th verse last line – ‘To the bright and happy goal.’ instead of ‘To that bright and happy home.’

Sunday, 1st of February, is St. Brigid's Day - our day to commemorate our female national Saint - St. Brigid, Mary of the Gael, Patroness of Ireland, who is synonymous with Co. Kildare. For full details of events for Feile Bhride 2009 - visit www.solasbhride.ie

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