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MONASTEREVAN - An newspaper article telling of the lace industry in the town

Kildare Observer
The Monasterevan Lace Industry
Pleasing Results
        Now that there is so much to say about the Irish Industrial Movement, we would call attention to what has been quietly done and is doing in the little town of Monasterevan. A few years ago, through the persistent efforts of Mrs. Wheeble (who takes an active and generous interest in all Irish industries), a lace class was established in Monasterevan. The result is that there are to-day no less than 30 workers constantly engaged, all of them receiving substantial remuneration for their work. That the girls are first-class workers may be judged from the fact that at the recent show held in Athy they gained first and other prizes, Miss B. Dunne receiving a first prize, Miss M. O’Kelly a second prize, and Miss L. O’Kelly a commended. Besides this very creditable showing, all the work exhibited at the show by the Monasterevan Lace Class quickly found purchasers. Those in a position to give an opinion on the subject confidently assert that for beauty and excellence of finish the Monasterevan work compares favourably with anything produced in Ireland. This speaks well for Miss Bride O’Neill, the teacher, who is herself home-trained, and who spares no pains to make her pupils first-class workers. All this must be very pleasing to Mrs. Wheeble, who has spared neither trouble or expense to gain this most desired result. She has devoted much of her time to the class, and watched over it with a mother’s care, and it is mainly through her efforts that the very satisfactory results have been achieved. On the 15th August Mrs. Wheeble provided a most enjoyable day’s outing to all of the lace workers by sending them to the show and providing for the comforts of all, free of expense.

An article from the Kildare Observer detailing the successes of the fledgling lace industry in the early 20th Century

[Compiled by Mario Corrigan; typed and edited by Niamh Mc Cabe]

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