WANTED: DESCENDANTS OF ARTHUR CASEY, LEIXLIP, Co. Kildare, publican, (fl. 1850-1868)
One of the leading Fenians, William Francis Roantree (1828-1918) was born in Leixlip. He later married a Leixlip girl, Isabella Anne Casey, daughter of Arthur Casey and Isabella Hearns.  The Casey family were publicans, having the pub which is now called The Middle Shop, on Leixlip's Main Street during the period around 1850 to 1868.
Roantree was buried in Arthur Casey's family plot in Glasnevin Cemetery (aka Prospect Cemetery). He descendants are trying to trace Arthur Casey's descendants.  Arthur (Snr) may have a brother, son or cousin, Paul Casey, who was a sponsor at Isabella's baptism on 23rd May 1830; Isabella Casey had a brother, Arthur.
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