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November 30, 2005

St Mary's Graveyard, Main Street, Leixlip

John Colgan, Member, and Suzanne Pegley

The graveyard within the curtilage of St. Mary's Church (of Ireland, Episcopalian) served the wider Leixlip community, without reference to religious denomination, for many centuries. This community extended from Lucan on the east, to St Catherine's on the north east, to Confey on the north, to Barnhall and Parsonstown on the west, to Westonpark and Cooldrinagh on the south; it straddled the river Liffey and included parts of Counties Kildare and Dublin. St. Mary's graveyard is complemented by graveyards at Confey - both old and modern - just north of Leixlip town, Donaghcumper near Celbridge to the southwest, Donoughmore near Pike's Bridge to the west and Esker cemetery to the east in Lucan.

St Mary's graveyard is now virtually full and contemporary Leixlip burials - apart from cremations - are usually to the modern cemetery at Confey. The parish records of burials to St Mary's extend from 1668 to today. Unfortunately, substantial gaps exist in the years for which records are available; for example, during the period, 1668 to 1777, there are no entries in 44 of the years. There are smaller gaps in the data for the 19th century records.

The gravestone inscriptions in St Mary's graveyard provide additional information about Leixlip burials and sometimes about the burials elsewhere of persons related to those buried at Leixlip. This information is additional in two senses: it augments the rudimentary information in the Church's burial records about individuals cited there and, secondly, it occasionally provides information about burials in St Mary's for which there is no local written record extant.

Leixlip - St. Mary's - Gravestones

McAuliffe and O'Kelly-Lynch carried out a survey of "Monumental Inscriptions from Leixlip, Co. Dublin" which was published by the Irish Genealogist 1969 4(2). It is incomplete in its coverage for burials to that time. It also contained some errors of fact, most likely because of the overgrowth in the cemetery which would have existed then. In recent times, St Mary's graveyard has undergone an extensive cleanup: fallen and dangerous trees were removed and the boundary, masonry wall repaired and raised. With the efflux of time some gravestones are no longer legible or have disintegrated. On this account, the authors have augmented their own findings with those of McAuliffe and O'Kelly-Lynch where they have not found headstones which those authors transcribed; these augmentations are shown in italics in the report which follows. In the manner of McAuliffe and O'Kelly-Lynch, we have created references for all secondary surnames cited on the gravestones.

The field work for this survey was completed in January, 2000.

ALLEN Here lieth the body of Martin Allen who departeth this life March ye 24th 1745 - aged 50 years - and 6 of his children

BALDING Dorothy Balding, wife of Arthur Balding of Collinstown and daughter of W.T. Chamberlane of Stoney Thorpe, Warwickshire, died December 20th 1918, age 38

BEAUCHAMP In loving memory of Jane Beauchamp who died May 16th 1890 - aged 80 - also Anna McCheane - born June 6th 1810 - died November 8th 1893

BEERE This stone belongs to Geo. Beere and his Posterity. Here lyeth the body of John Molyneaux who died March 7th 1736, with 2 of his grandchildren William and Susan Beere 1751

BEILLE See Coogan

BELAS In loving memory of George Henry Belas of Newbridge Cottage, Celbridge, who died in New York, 9th of February, 1881 aged 29 years. [wall plate]

BETSON (Stone built into wall of Church) Here lieth the body of Mr. Thomas Betson who deceased the 15th day of March 1707 - His wife Agnes Betson alias Knolls caused this vault to be made for their Posterity

BISHOP Here lyeth John Bishop .... Nov. 17....
BLAIR Erected by Maria Blair in memory of her husband John Blair who died 20th August 1850 - Aged 63 years

BOWEN-MILLER In memory of Elizabeth Mira Bowen-Miller, who died at Milford, Co. Mayo, 14th January 1886, daughter of General Irwin, St. Catherine's Park. Erected in loving remembrance by her mother, brother and sisters. [wall plate in chancel]

BRADY Here lyeth the remains of Maria Anne Brady who died about the year 1772 - Aged 17 years - Also General William Brady who died 28th day of May 1800 - Also Miss Francis Nesbitt, December 22nd 1805 - Also James Nesbitt, Jan. 12th 1808 - Also Gifford Nesbitt, Oct. 26th 1810 - Also Miss Elizabeth Brady, 1818 - Also John Nesbitt, 1828

BROWNRIGG See Harrison

BRUCE This stone was erected by W. Bruce of Leixlip - Here lieth the body of his Father-in-law Mr Geo. Walker, grandson of the Rev. Geo. Walker, Governor of L'Derry when besieged in 1689 - Died 26th Oct. 1769 - Also the body of Mrs. Celia Walker, his wife, died 6th Sept. 1776 - Also the body of Mrs. Jane Bruce wife of said Will Bruce - died 7th Jany. 1781

BUCHANAN See Goodshaw.
BURKE See Cormack and Kelly.

BYRNE Erected by Denis Byrne in memory of his son Thomas who departed this life Oct. 18th 1808 aged 13 years. He lived beloved and died regreated [sic] by all who knew him

BYRNE In loving memory of John Byrne, Easton Road, Leixlip - died 10th Feb. 1983 - His wife Mary died 25th July 1986 - also remembering John's parents

CALDWELL Erected by John J. Caldwell, Leixlip, in memory of his wife Alice who died 16th February 1884, aged 29 years
CALDWELL In memory of Jane, beloved wife of Francis Caldwell of Leixlip, died 22nd October 1884 aged 75 years

CAVENDISH Sacred to the memory of Catherine Lucy, wife of the Hon. George Cavendish who died on the 18th of June 1845 in the 58th year of her age and in the 38th year of her marriage. [wall plate in chancel]

CAVENDISH To the memory of Letitia Catherine Cavendish, wife of the Hon. George Cavendish, died 3rd of July, 1805, aged 20 years...... [wall plate in chancel]


CHAPLIN In memory of E. Alice Maud Chaplin, daughter of General Irwin and wife of General Frank Chaplin, who died at Brighton, December 23rd, 1908 [wall plate in chancel]

CLARE Here lyeth the body of Joshua Clare who departeth this life May 9th 1719 - Aged 38 years - Also Catherine Hallian alias Clare who departeth this life April 19th 1744 aged 29 years.

COATES and Bomford Coates - See Ireland
CONOLLY This stone was erected by Lawrence Conolly for him and his Posterity

COOGAN Erected by William Coogan of Leixlip to the memory of his beloved wife Mary Coogan alias Beille who departed this life 26th of Aug. 1824 - Aged 40 years - Also two of his children who died young - And his daughter Mary Coogan who died 29th Aug. 1825 - Aged 19 years - Also his beloved son Thomas Coogan who departed this life 5th Nov. 1858 aged 44 years - And also his beloved son John Coogan who departed this life 1860 aged 51 years - Here also are interred the mortal remains of the above William Coogan who departed this life 16th Decr. 1868 - aged 75

COOGAN In memory of Eliza Coogan - died 7th March 1890 aged 73 years - Bridget Coogan died 22nd Jany. 1853 - aged 66 years - John Coogan her husband died 10th Dec. 1882 aged 96 years - Elesia Keegan who died 31 march 1883 aged 73 years - And John Keegan her husband died 10th April 1886 aged 70 - Mary Coogan died 9th Feb. 1900 - aged 75

COOMBES William Fred Coombes - beloved husband of Gertrude - died 11 Nov. 1977 aged 96 years
(Coombes enclosed with Exley in same plot)

COOPER Here lieth ye body of John Cooper of City of Dublin - Eldest son of Joseph Cooper of Barnhall who departed this life 4th Dec. 1785 - Aged 36

COOPER To the memory of Joseph Cooper of Barnhall in the Co. of Kildare who died 2nd July 1786 aged 84 - and Hannah Euphemia Cooper his wife who died 27th Jan. 1786 aged 64 and their children - Henry who died 17th Nov. 1773 aged 20 - & Sarah who died 18th April 1769 aged 15 - And also to the memory of Henry Delamain of the City of Dublin - Father of above Hannah Euph. Cooper who died 1st Dec. 1780 aged 93 - and Sarah Delamain alias Steele - his wife who died 16th Oct. 1760 - aged 79

COOPER Here lie the bodies of Jonathan Sisson Cooper Esq. and Anne Maria his wife - he for many years faithfully fulfilled the duties of Comptroller General of Stamps in Ireland - and died Nov. 18th 1830 - Aged 73 years - She died Dec. 10th 1832 - Aged 73 years

COOPER In memory of Everina Jane Cooper the beloved daughter of Robert Cooper Esq. of Collinstown, Leixlip, who departed this life on the 18th Nov. 1871 - Aged 32

COOPER In memory of Robert Cooper Esq. of Collinstown, Leixlip, Co. Kildare - died Jany. 25th 1880 - Aged 59 years - Also in loving memory of Mary wife of the above Robert Cooper died February 7th 1907

(The headstones of Everina Jane Cooper and Robert Cooper enclosed in the one plot and the remaining Cooper graves are contiguous and co-linear).

CORMACK Patrick Cormack died 22nd March 1913 - His wife Marianne (nee Ryan) died 13th February 1922 - their children: Jenny, died 3rd March 1932 - her husband Christopher McLoughlin, died 24th March 1969 - Bridget, died 22nd may 1962 - Mary died 17th February 1974 - David, died 5th September 1969 - David's wife, Julia (nee Burke) died 3rd April 1969 - Patrick, died 10th April 1958 (buried in Esker) and John J. died 30th September 1980 (buried in Confey)

CROSBY or CROSBEY See Wogan and Dalton.

CULLEN This stone and burial place belong to Lawrence Cullen of Leixlip and his Posterity - Here lyeth the body of Lawrence Cullen - 30th March 1773 - aged 32

DALGETY In loving memory of Alexander George Dalgety of Rye Vale Leixlip, who departed this life, 30th August, 1956, aged 85 years [wall plate in Church erected by his wife, Nancy]
DALTON Erected by her children to the memory of Bridget Dalton of Leixlip, who died 29th Oct. 1878 aged 62 years - also their beloved father Gerald Dalton who died 3rd Jany. 1874 aged 26 years - also Christopher Durkin who died 17th July 1920 aged 39 years - Charles Edwin Wardell who died 19th May 1949 [On the rear:] As a filial tribute of respect by M Anastasia Crosbey [sic] of Leixlip in memory of her beloved husband Francis Crosby who departed this life 28th August 1876 aged 33 yrs - also their daughter Mary B. Wardell who died 23rd Jan. 1964 aged 95 years

(Dalton, Jacob and Wogan headstones within the same burial plot)
DANFORD George Danford, beloved husband of Margaret Danford, Newtown House, Leixlip, who fell asleep, June 24th 1914, aged 40 years - Also his sister Sara, widow of James Hamilton of Waterford and Sligo, who died September 6th 1954


DONAGH As a final tribute of filial affection this stone was erected by James Donagh of Crumlin, Co. Dublin in memory of his beloved father James Donagh who departed this life - 8th day of March 1785 in the 40th year of his age - Here rest five of his children who died young - And of Mrs Alicia Donagh daughter of the above James - who died 31st October 1835 - aged 60 years - Also his beloved wife Anne who departed this life 10 Nov. 1837 aged 88 years

DONAGH This stone was erected by Mr. James Donagh of Walkinstown, Co. Dublin in memory of his wife Mrs. Anne Donagh who died 12th June 1813 - Aged 28 years - she was a good Christian: a tender parent - an affectionate wife - a sincere friend and a mother to the poor - Here also are interred the mortal remains of above James Donagh who dept. this life 19th Oct. 1821 - Aged 40 years - Mary Donagh of Bluebell died the 11th January 1895 - Aged 77 years.

DONAGH Erected by John Donagh of Bluebell, Co. Dublin to the memory of his beloved mother Catherine who dept. this life 22nd August 1814 aged 36 - And of his brother Nicholas who died 2nd Feb. 1827 aged 25 years - Also his affect. father John Donagh who died 25th Dec. 1844 in the 76th year of his age - and his beloved brother Thomas who died 24th Jan. 1874 aged 75 years - Also Anne Donagh daughter of above Thomas died April 1st 1909 aged 50

(All three Donagh gravestones on a common burial plot).

DORAN In loving memory of Edward J. Doran - who died 9th May 1923 aged 52 years - erected by his loving wife and son - Also Kathleen Doran - died 17th Jan. 1951 - Mary Therese Doran - died 26th April 1936 - aged 2 months - Elizabeth Doran - died 6th August 1959

DUNN See Ryan.

DURKIN John Durkin died 28th February 1948 - his dear wife Louisa Durkin -died 30th April 1923 - and their daughter Frances Durkin died 26th November 1941 - also Richard Durkin died 19th September 1952 --- and Walter Durkin P.C. - died 17 May 1954 - Erected at the request of Walter Durkin P.C.

DURKIN See Dalton.

DWEN Erected to the memory of John Dwen, who departed this life January 19th 1838 aged 60 years - Also his wife Anne Dwen, who departed this life August the 5th 1847 age 66

EDWARDS This burial place belongs to Edmond Edwards and his Posterity - 1733 - Here lyeth ye body of said Edmond Edwards who deceased February ye 26th 1734 aged 78 years

EXLEY In loving memory of Sarah Ann Millett Exley - who fell asleep November 3rd 1895 - Also her husband Edmund Exley - July 21st 1912 and her son - George William Millett - October 6th 1954 - Also Martha Jane - second wife of Edmund Exley - October 1925 - and Gertrude Mary Randell Coombes - youngest child of Edmund and Sarah - April 2nd 1970

(Exley and Coombes gravestones on a common burial plot).

FARRELL Erected by James Farrell, Leixlip, in memory of his beloved wife Margaret who died Dec. 3rd 1927 - Aged 82 years - James Farrell died 26th July 1929 - Their granddaughter Kitty Maher, Main Street, Leixlip, died 7th April 1982 aged 81 years

FARRELL Matthew died 3rd Nov. 1933 - His wife Margaret died 14th Feb. 1953 - Their daughter Annie died 22nd April 1944 - Their son-in-law John Ashe died 1st November 1965 - his daughter Carmel died 25th August 1943 - James Farrell died 6th May 1973 - Kathleen Ashe died 14th Feb. 1980 - Margaret Farrell died 28th Sept. 1980

FEGAN This stone was erected by Alice Fegan - in loving memory of her dear husband Thomas Fegan - who died the 10th of September 1899 - aged 67 years - Also the above Alice Fegan, died 30th July 1920

FERGUSSON To the memory of William Fergusson Esq. M.D. of Leixlip who dept. this life 29th May 1855 in the 70th year of his age - Universally regretted in the neighbourhood where he spent his entire life - This stone was erected by his niece

FLAGG To the memory of Marie Windrim Flagg of Philadelphia, U.S.A. and Leixlip House - beloved wife of Edward Saunderson Nugent Head - who died 17 March 1965

FOSTER See Price.

FOUKS Here lieth the body of John Fouks of Dobtstowne in the County of Kildare, Gent., who departed this life the 7th day of July 1711. [in floor of nave]

GAYNOR See Jacob.

GOODSHAW Here lieth the body of Thomas Goodshaw Esq. late of Leixlip who died 29th Dec. 1770 aged 58 years - And his wife Jane who died 7th Aug. 1781 aged 66 years - Also their son Thomas Goodshaw died 8th August 1803 aged 50 - And the following members of his family - Anne, Jane, Mary, Bessie and Walter

GOODSHAW See Shelly.

GOODSHAW Here lieth the body of Eliza. wife of Thomas Goodshaw who died 15th October 1829 and her sons Thomas who died 6th May 1833 and William who died 19th April 1828 - Also his wife Mary who died 13th February 1835 - John died 26th April 1829 and James died 27th September 1851 aged 54 years, whose wife Margaret died 24th December 1885 aged 76 years and is buried in the family burial place of her father John Bucanan in the churchyard of Glasgow Cathedral

(Note both Goodshaw headstones, and those of Johnson, and Richard Turner are enclosed within the same burial plot. Note that alternative sources put the years of William's and John's deaths at 1838 and 1839 respectively).

GRAHAM Here lieth the body of Mary Graham - late of Finstown - who departed this life April ye 1st 1790 - aged 12 years - Erected by John Graham

GROGAN Alphonsus Grogan, died 12th September 1991 - Erected by his wife and family

GROGAN In loving memory of our dear parents Jane Grogan, died 28th March 1947 - Christopher Grogan died 16th November 1963 - Also Christopher, Jane and Francis McLoughlin

(Both Grogan headstones are adjacent)

HACKETT Sacred to the memory of Pierce Hackett Esq. of Music Hall in this Parish who departed this life the 28th June 1829 aged 74 years. Also his eldest son Michael who departed this life the 9th Nov. 1855 aged 77 years - Also the remains of John Hackett Vice-Admiral who died the 6th March 1865 aged 80 years - Also of Julia Anne Hackett daughter of the above who died June 13th 1870 aged 40 years - Also of Tabatha [?] Julia Hackett wife of John Hackett who died Sept. 2rd 1874 aged 79 years

HALLIAN See Clare.

HAMILL This is erected here by the Rev. Henry Stewart and his wife Anna Matilda Stewart to commemorate the death of their dearly beloved sister Frances Maria Hamill who.. died 28th November 1868. [wall tablet, chancel]

HAMILTON See Danford.

HARRISON In memory of Lancelot Harrison who died the 16th day of January 1820 aged 45 years - Margaret wife of Lancelot Harrison died 30th January 1862 aged 79 years - James his son died 10th April 1818 aged 5 months - Mary their dau. died 31st March 1820 aged 11 months - William Brownrigg died 26th day January 1820 aged 35 years

HARTE In loving memory of Alexander Harte, died 20th of February 1942, age 79 years - also his wife Frances Jane, died 17th June 1965, age 88 years - their son Robert, died 10th October 1911, aged 3 1/2 years - Their son Alec, twin of Robert, died 12th June 1983 age 75 years

HEAD or Saunderson Nugent Head See Flagg
HEALY Erected by Anthony Healy in memory of his wife Grace Healy who departed this life June 16th 1796 - Aged 44 years

HEWSON In loving memory of Thomas Hewson - also his wife Anne and their family of Leixlip - Erected by their son George and daughter Nellie 1950

HEWSON Beneath this stone waiting for the Resurrection to Life lie the mortal remains of Margaret Maria Hewson - only daughter of the Rev. Francis Hewson - sometime Rector of Kilgobbin, Co. Kerry - She fell asleep in Jesus the 12th day March 1869 in her 82nd year - Her nieces E.J. & Katherine Hewson have placed this stone as a memorial of the great live they owed to her

HIGGINS Richard Higgins son to John Higgins - died ye 28th of Decr. 1757

HILL Sacred to the memory of Charles Baugh Hill Esq. Capt. in the Londonderry Regt. of Militia, who died 6th Dec. 1821 aged 42 years - His [?] strict principles of honor and enduring integrity, Duty discharged with zeal... and impartiality, consumate --- is lost [etc. more tributes] - This tribute of affection is erected by his widow - Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Hill widow of Charles B. Hill - who departed this life the 10th April 1853 [a tribute follows]

HINES Erected by Christopher Hines to his father Laurence Hines who .... Oct.20 1792 aged 74
HINES See Hynes.

HODSON This burial place belongs to John Hodson and his Posterity. Underneath lies the body of his father Henry Hodson who died June ye 4th 1749 aged 66 years

HORAN In loving memory of Patrick Horan - died 7th November 1949 - his wife Delia died 6th May 1961

HYNES In memory of Charles Hynes died 2nd Oct. 1960 aged 86 yrs. - Also his wife Mary died 9th Jan. 1962 aged 81 yrs. His son Christopher died 21st March 1942 aged 27 yrs. - and brother Philip died 21st May 1963 aged 84 yrs. - his wife Elizabeth died 19th June 1974 aged 88 years. - Charles Hynes died 8th May 1996 aged 86 years

HYNES See Hines.

IRELAND Silvia Ada Ireland, died 2nd of January 1894 aged 29 - also of her father Stephen Bomford Coates and her sister, Clara H. Coates - Clara Isabella Wallace Ireland - March 1965

IRWIN See Bowen-Miller and Chaplin

IRWIN In memory of General William Irwin - Col. Connaught Rangers - died 22 Dec. 1889 aged 79 years - also of his wife Eliza Jane Irwin - died August 24th 1916 aged 97 years

JACOB Erected by Mrs. Bridget Jacob in memory of her beloved husband Isaac Jacob who died 17th June 1896 aged 42 years. Also their children Henry, Anastasia and John who died young. And the above named Mrs. Bridget Jacob who died 23rd November 1898 aged 48 years. Also their son Gerald who died 1st March 1916 aged 40 years. [On the rear:] Joseph Gaynor, husband of Rose Jacob, died 8th July 1947 - also his beloved wife Rose (nee Jacob) died 18th May 1894 aged 83 years.

(Jacob, Dalton and Wogan headstones in the same enclosed plot).

JOHNSON Here lie the remains of Thomas and Bessie Johnson of Cooldrinagh, Leixlip, who departed this life - the former on June 17th 1874 and the latter June 4th 1865

(Johnson enclosed with the Goodshaw burials on the same plot).

JUDSON In memory of Joseph Judson who departed this life 18th September 1852 aged 82 years - His beloved wife Maria Judson died 28th Feb. 1874 aged 84 years - Also Vincent Judson died 14th July 1914 aged 84 years

(Judson enclosed with the Anne Turner plot)

KANE This stone is erected by William Kane of Leinster St., Dublin for him and Posterity - His daughter Margaret aged 11 months died January 29th 1807

KEEGAN This stone was erected by John Keegan in memory of his father Owen Keegan who died June 23rd 1764 aged 67
(This Keegan enclosed with Coogan plot)
KEEGAN See Coogan

KELLY This stone was erected by Daniel Kelly - merchant of Merchant's Quay in the City of Dublin for him and his Posterity and in memory of his beloved wife Mary Kelly daughter of Walter Burke Esq. of Galway - who departed this life the third May 1809 in the [?] year of her age - Also their son Robert aged 5 years

KELLY Erected by Michael Kelly, Wexford, in memory of his beloved brother William who died 17th Jan. 1885 - Aged 50
KELLY In memory of the Kelly family, Main Street, Leixlip
KING Sir Patk. King Knt. died April 20th 1790 - Aged 50

KING Here lie the remains of Charles Lewis King of Newtown House, Leixlip, a most exemplary husband and father who died March 7th 1869 - Stone erected by his wife

KNOLLS See Betson.

LaBARTE In loving memory of E. Francillon Labarte - died 15 November 1899 - aged 79 years - Erected by her son E. Heron LaBarte

LARKIN Erected by Mr. Larkin in memory of his son James Larkin who died 3rd April 1900 aged 24 years

LATCHFORD This stone is erected here by Thomas Latchford - who is son to John and grandson to Thomas Latchford - whose bodies lie here - Here lies Catherine wife of above Thomas - who departed this life the 8th March 1756 - Aged 46 years - and their six children

LAURENCE In loving memory of Edward Laurence - died 29th April 1933 aged 76 yrs. - also his wife Ann - died 21st December 1946 - aged 88 yrs. - and their son Robert - died 21st June 1927 - aged 37 years - and their daughters Kathleen - died 13th November 1956 - Elizabeth died 16th March 1980 - Ann (Nancy) died 29th July 1980 - Mary died 4th February 1981

LAWE Sacred to the memory of Alexr. Lawe Esq. who died the 8th Jan. 1850 aged 79 years. The remains of his revered father, Robt. Lawe Esq., of his mother Martha Wrightson are also reposed here - both aged 79. This memorial was erected in memory and out of respect of Alexr. Lawe by his affectionate wife

LEVY or LEUY See Thunder.
MACINTOSH Erected by John Macintosh in memory of his beloved wife Mary who died 29th May 1847 aged 36 years

MAHER In loving memory of Edward Maher, died 9th September 1931 - his wife Mary died 3rd February 1945 - Their son Patrick died 19th August 1958 and daughter Mary McLoughlin died February 1933 - Their son John died 9th January 1944 - Joseph beloved husband of Mary McLoughlin died 9th July 1976

MAHER See Farrell, James.

MARSTON Here lieth the body of Ann Marston Spinst of the city of Dublin daughter of Thomas and Hannah Marston of ....illenhall in ......

MARSTON Here lieth the body of Daniel Marston ..........

[MARSTON Leixlip. St Mary's Register of Deaths records burials of Miss Sarah Marston, Leixlip on 25th January 1781 and Mr Marston's child on 9th January 1782.]

McCHEANE See Beauchamp

McCULLOUGH This stone was erected by James McCullough in memory of his wife Mary McCullough who departed this life Jany. ye 9th 1794 aged 52 years

McDANIEL [Half of broken stone] ... here lieth the body of his son Alexander [?] McDaniel who died January. 5th 1774 aged 5 years

McGLEW In loving memory of our dear sister Mary McGlew - died 11th May 1967 - and our dear niece, Anne Nolan died 18th August 1949

McGRANE In loving memory of Mary McGrane (nee Leech) died 6th May 1945 aged 76 years - her daughters Elizabeth McGrane - died 10th November 1984 - aged 84 years - Ita McGrane died 14th February 1993 aged 84 years

McKEON Michael McKeon, Leixlip - also his wife Ann and their daughters Kate and Mary McKeon and their son John
McLOUGHLIN See Cormack, see Grogan and see Maher

McMURRAY To the memory of John McMurray of Leixlip who died April 27th 1790 aged 74 - Here also the remains of his son Mr. Samuel McMurray who departed this life 30th October 1822 aged 59 years

MERRIGAN In loving memory of Mary Merrigan - died 9th May 1941 - and her sons Bartholomew - died 1st September 1946 - William died 6th April 1971

MOLLOY As a tribute of respect by her disconsolate parents to the memory of Harriet Jane Molloy who departed this life 7th September 1840 aged 3 - A lovely and engaging child.

MOLONEY Nellie Moloney died 15th November 1928 aged 21 years and also Michael Moloney died 26th March 1937 aged 60 years

MOLYNEAUX Here lyeth the body of Daniel Molyneaux of Dublin who departed this life 16th March .... aged ..... also Elizabeth M .....


MOORE This stone and burial place belongeth unto Willm. Moore and his posterity - Here lyeth body of ye William Moore who deceased 26th Oct. 1727 aged 41

MORAN This stone and burial place belong to John Moran - Here lyeth his father, mother, grandfather ... 1767

MOULTON In loving memory of William Moulton - died 3rd [?] Dec. 1920 aged 54 - and his dear wife Maria Moulton died 9th January 1955 aged 79

MULLIGAN In loving memory of our dear parents, Thomas Mulligan, died 28th April 1978, aged 74 years - Elizabeth Mulligan died 10th September 1988 aged 81 years - late of 50 Buckleys Lane, Leixlip. - Erected by Johnny & Nellie

NESBITT See Brady.

NOLAN In loving memory of our dear mother, Ann Nolan, died 2nd April 1940 - and father, John Nolan, died 1st April 1948 - and uncle, Michael Ryan, died 26th March 1963 - Their daughter Catherine died 23rd April 1988

NOLAN See McGlew.

NORRIS To the memory of Frances Elizabeth Norris - daughter of Francis B. Norris Esq. and Elizabeth Jane ....died..... 1855 aged .....

O'HARA Erected by the children of John O'Hara who died 11 Nov. 1895 aged 90 yrs. - His wife Catherine O'Hara died 21 March 1899 aged 77 yrs. - and Fannie the daughter died 15th July 1922 aged 67 years

O'HARAH See Reilly.
O'TOOLE In loving memory of Cornelius O'Toole, died 30th June 1944 and his wife Ellen, died 8th January 1973

PIGGOTT Lucie Henrietta Piggott, died June 17 1894 age 80
Lucy Martha Piggott, died June 11 1894 age 36
Jean Sophia Piggott, who fell asleep October 12 1882
William Wellesley Pole Piggott, died June 25th 1886

PRESTAGE This stone was erected by Mrs. Ann Prestage in memy. of her beloved husband Richard Prestage who died 9 April ......

PRICE This stone was erected by Lieut. John Price for him and posterity A.D. 1737 - Here lyeth the body of Sarah Price alias Foster wife to Lieut. John Price - She departed this life 9th day of July A.D. 1737 in the 45th year of her age - Here lieth the body of the above Lieut. John Price who departed this life Nov. 30th 1744 in the 63rd year of his age

PRICE Sacred to the memory of Emma wife of William Price late of Lymage, Co. Kent, who departed this life 16th July 1865 aged 69 years - Also to above William who died 12th August 1865 aged 75 years

PRICE Here are deposited the remains of Dr. Arthur Price, Lord Archbishop of Cashell, who died the 17th of July 1752, aged 74 [in floor of nave]

QUIN This stone was erected by Chas. Quin of Lucan in memory of his beloved father James Quin who departed this life Oct. 27th 1790 aged 50 years. Also his brother Andrew Quin who departed this life May 19th 1794 - Aged 4 years

RADLEY John J. Radley, Leixlip, who died 8 March 1924 aged 53 - also his wife, Mary, who died 4th February 1942 aged 72

REILLY This stone was erected ... Margrat Reilly alias Oharah [sic] for husband Philip Reilly who departed this life March ye 4, 1741 aged 33 [or 83?] years

RICHARDSON This stone erected by John Richardson of Esker in memory of his mother, brother and sisters. Here lieth the body of Catherine Richardson who departed this life June 30th 1784 - aged 40 - Also the body of Joseph Richardson who departed August 21st 1788 - Aged 38 yrs. and Elizabeth Richardson who dept. April 4th 1792 - Aged 37 years - Here also lieth the body of Rosanna Richardson mother to above who departed July 14th 1792 aged 78

ROBINSON Sacred to the memory of James Robinson of Leixlip, Carpenter, who departed this life Feb. 11th 1780, aged 60 years - Here lies several of his children who died young

ROBINSON James Robinson died 20th June 1799 aged 36 years - also Mrs. Eliza Robinson, wife of the above mentioned James - she died March 1803 - much regretted - aged 73 years

ROBINSON William Robinson, 7 years Sexton of Leixlip Church, died 6th of February 1897 - Erected by the parishioners as a mark of their respect

ROE Samuel Robinson Roe, who died 14 October 1886, age 53 - and of Anne, his wife, died March 18 1923, age 83

ROE This stone belongeth to Walter Roe and his posterity. Here lieth the body of the above Walter Roe who departed this life May ye 26th anno 1749 age 37 years

ROGERS Lionel Foott Rogers, died 10 November 1909 aged 5 years and 9 months - and Francis William Rogers who died 24 February 1916 age 63

RUSK Erected by Benjamin Rusk in loving memory of my dear father Robert Rusk who died 17th January 1907 aged 60 years. Also my darling mother Margaret Anne Rusk who died 8th November 1915 aged 68 years - and Henry Rusk son of Robert and Margaret Rusk who died 5th may 1945 aged 66 years

RUSK William Rusk 1870 - 1950 | Thomas Rusk 1903 - 1972
Elizabeth Rusk 1867 - 1950 | Anne Jane Rusk 1899 - 1980

RYAN This burial place belongs to Wm. Ryan of Lucan. This stone was erected to memory of his wife Margt. Ryan who departed this life 7th March 1838 aged 82 years - and also their son George Ryan who departed this life 14th Sept. 1813 aged 10 years. - Here also are interred the mortal remains of the above named Wm. Ryan who departed this life 11th Oct. 1851 aged 81 years - Also daughter Eliz. Dunne who departed this life 18th February 1874 aged 76 years

RYAN See Cormack and Nolan.

RYNNE loving memory of Patrick Jon Rynne, died 26th may 1942, aged 22 years - his mother Elizabeth Agnes, died 6th February 1967, aged 75 years - and father, Patrick Francis, died 4th August 1974 aged 85 years

SCANLON This stone was erected by Mrs. Elinor Scanlon in memory of her beloved husband William Scanlon who departed this life 19th May 1786 aged 25 years - Also three of his children.

SEALY Sacred to the memory of Jane, beloved wife of Sampson Sealy Esq. - late Captain 84th Regiment - erected by her beloved husband and daughters, Died 11 June 1866

SEALY Sacred to the memory of Sampson Sealy Esq. late Capt. 84th Regt. who died 6 June 1867 - Erected by his sorrowing family

(Sealy plots adjoining).

SHELLY This stone erected by Walter Shelly of Leixlip in memory of his father John Shelly - Departed this life 26 June 1781 - aged 37 years

SHELLY This stone was erected by Walter Shelly of Leixlip in memory of his beloved mother Jane [?] Shelly alias Goodshaw who departed this life Febry. 23rd 186[?]6 aged 56 years - She was a tender parent - charitable... and a sincere friend

SMITH In loving memory of John Smith, Newtown House, Leixlip, who died 23rd December 1898, aged 70 - also his eldest son, William Smith, who died 10th November 1878, aged 20 - and of his beloved daughter, Kathleen Smith, who died March 19th 1909, aged 34 years - and also in loving memory of Helena, wife of John Smith, who died 15th January 1920 aged 81

STEELE See Cooper
STEWART See Hamill

STEWART Henry Stewart who departed this life 26th of March 1874 who for more than 50 years watched over the spiritual welfare of this parish. [wall tablet, chancel]

SUTHERLAND Here lieth the body of S.... Sutherland who died Nov. 6th 1789 - Aged 32 years
TANKARD This stone was erected by Edward Tankard in memory of his father Simon Tankard who dyed 9th September 1736

THUNDER This stone was erected by Thomas Thunder for his wife Joan Thunder alias Leuy who dept. this life Sept. ye 2nd 1743 - Aged 50 years - Also above Thomas Thunder husband of sd. Joan who died Nov. 31st [sic] 1750 - Aged 40 years

TRENCH Sacred to Jean Trench relict of John Trench Esq., St. Catherine's Park, Leixlip, who died 26 Dec. 1861 aged 75

TRENCH In memory of Rev. John Edmond Trench, Rector of Kenmare, son of the late John Trench of St. Catherine's Park, died Oct. 15th 1860 - Aged 42 years

TRENCH Sacred to the memory of Francis Arthur Trench of Newlands, Co. Dublin, died 14th Aug. 1868 in the 52nd year of his age

TRENCH Sophia Mary Trench, died July 23 1899, age 78

TURNER Here lieth the bodies of two infant children of Richard Turner of Hammersmith Dublin - who died in 1818 and 1822 and of his son Revd. Richard Turner who died 7th Feb. 1849 aged 32 years

(This Turner grave was in the plot of the several Goodshaws)

TURNER This stone erected by Anne Turner to the memory of her beloved parents Mr. Thomas W. Turner who departed this life May the 4th 1818 aged 83 years - Mrs. Sarah Turner who died April 30th 1848 aged 84 years

( Anne Turner headstone shares a plot with Joseph Judson).

TYRRELL Erected to the memory of William Tyrrell Esq. who departed this life 9th Nov. 1798 aged 66 years - William Tyrrell Esq. his son died 20 Nov. 1815 aged 33 years - Peter Tyrrell died 27th Feb. 1818 aged 53 years - Benjm. Tyrrell died 28th Aug. 1819 aged 9 years - Eleanor Tyrrell relict of William Tyrrell died 30th Dec. 1819 aged 76 years - Eliz. Tyrrell died 11th Feb. 1820 aged 33 years

WALKER See Bruce
WARDELL See Dalton.
WA[R?]E In memory of Mrs. Judith Wa..e who died the ... of May 1750 aged 79

WATKINS Elizabeth Maud (Dot) Watkins, Ralph Square, died 22 February 1933 aged 25 and her sister, Margaret (Rita) Watkins, died 9th December 1939 aged 19 yrs. - and her mother Eleanor Josephine, died 11th April 1945 aged 67 - and also her brother Patrick Joseph died 5th August 1947 aged 36 years - and her father, William Watkins, died 15 Dec. 1951 aged 76 yrs. - and her brother, Thomas John, died 6 March 1953 aged 46 years - Also his brother, William (Billy) Watkins, died 22 September 1994 aged 82 years

WATERS In loving memory of Philip Waters - died 29 June 1923 aged 20 years - Also his mother Jane - died 11th January 1938 - Aged 59 years - and his father William - died 17th April 1960 aged 83 years - his brother James - died 14th October 1964 aged 57 years - Also Catherine (Kitty) Waters died 29th June 1994

WEST In memory of Maida, beloved wife of A W West of Leixlip House, only daughter of the late Thomas Hanmer of Bodnant Hall, County of Denbeigh, died at Ballybunnion, Co. Kerry, August 5, 1920 aged 49 years [wall plate in chancel]

WHITE This Tombe was erected by the Lady Ursula White, daughter of the Lord Moore. Here Lyeth the Bodis of Sr. Nicholas White, Knight, deceased the 24th of Februarie 1654 and his son Nicholas White Esq., deceased 31st of Decembr 1664. [in wall of chancel]

WILLIAMS Emily Susan Williams, our dear mother, died 8th of December 1947

WILLIAMS Here lies Deborah, widow of GV [George?] Williams, Archdeacon of Cashel and sister of Narcissus, Archbishop of Dublin, who died 24 March 1697 aged 65 [floor, chancel; original in Latin]

WOGAN Erected by Thomas Wogan Leixlip in loving memory of his dear wife - Anastasia - who died 27th November 1901 aged 57 years - also of his son Thomas Gerald - who died 14th April 1909 aged 27 years - and his stepson Henry Crosby - who died 5th August 1902 aged 26 years - and the above named Thomas Wogan who died 3rd March 1918 aged 77 years - and Thomas John Wogan - son of Thomas Gerald died 4th August 1960 aged 32
[on the back face:] Here lie the remains of Elizabeth Wogan who died 3rd December 1964

(Wogan, Dalton and Jacob headstones contained within the same burial plot)

WOOKEY John Levesey Wookey, who died at Weston Lodge, 3rd March 1880 age 31 - And also Francis Wookey, who died in Southport, 27th December 1889 age 74 - Also John Neil son of Frederick and Fanny Wookey, who died April 4 1892, age 4 1/2 months

WOOKEY Frederick Wookey J.P., of Weston Lodge, who died July 16 1918 aged 68 and Fanny, his wife, who drowned in the sinking of RMS Leinster, October 10 1918

WOOKEY In memory of Frederick Maurice Wookey, only surviving son of Frederick and Fanny Wookey, Weston Lodge, 2nd Lieut. 1st Battalion, Royal Irish Regiment, wounded at St. Eloi, March 15, when leading C Company. Died March 19, 1915 aged 27, buried [abroad]... [wall tablet, nave]