Direction Description For the purpose of clarity we have used compass notation rather then left/right when describing the directions on the towpath. This facilitates the use of the leaflets when walking in the opposite direction from that the text, which, again for clarity, assumes that the walker is heading in a westerly or southerly direction. For the Royal Canal and Grand Canal (main line) the banks have been named ‘north bank’ and ‘south bank’ reflecting generally their compass position while on the Barrow Line, Milltown Feeder and Naas Branch the respective banks are termed ‘east bank’ and ‘west bank’. -The authors or publishers cannot be held responsible for any injury, damage or loss sustained by anybody following the towpaths. -Although the towpaths are vested in State ownership and are almost always accessible without restriction, their depiction in this leaflet does not imply any right of way. Accommodation/Tourist Information There is a rich availability of quality hotel and B&B accommodation in the county. Local enquiry will help identify facilities in the towns and villages along the canal route which will serve the walker spending a couple of days in the area. Local hostelries, hotels, pubs, shops and cafes can cater for all dining and picnic needs. For further tourist information on the county: 7