Barrow Blueway The proposal consists of the development of a multi-use shared leisure route on the Grand Canal and River Barrow starting in Lowtown, Robertstown. The route will be a shared-use trail for local people and visitors to enjoy along the route of the Barrow Way-Marked Way. The Barrow River and Barrow Line of the Grand Canal are described as waterway corridors of national and international importance and spectacular recreation and leisure amenities. Both the river and canal support a myriad of sustainable activities and sustain a rich and diverse built and natural heritage. Before You Start An attractive feature of the canal bank long distance walking routes is that people of virtually all ages and levels of fitness can enjoy them. With no hills and many landmarks there is little risk of becoming tired or lost. As the towpaths parallel the waterway they are self-guiding and do not demand the knowledge of navigation techniques or physical fitness required for long distance walk routes in remote and mountainous areas. That said a degree of preparation is important for comfort and enjoyment. 5