This booklet gives practical directions on how to make the most of County Kildare’s canal side walking routes. As well as guidance on the best paths to follow the text points to the engineering and architectural heritage of the waterways - the legacies of the canal builders of a bygone era. The canal towpaths are safe and accessible for people of all ages and levels of fitness. Family groups looking for ideas for short strolls on Sunday afternoons or experienced long distance walkers keen to cover many miles on flat terrain will find the following paragraphs full of ideas on how to enjoy these waterside walks. Here the fresh air is free and the landscape ever changing. So lace up your walking boots, pack your sandwiches, take this guide into your hand and set off on The Towpath Trails. COUNTY KILDARE’S TOWPATH COUNTY KILDARE’S A walker’s illustrated guide to the Grand and Royal Canals in the County TRAILS TOWPATH TOWPATH TRAILS TRAILS TOWPATH Kildare County Council