49 The Naas Branch is appreciated as one of the most scenic and interesting stretches of waterway on the canal network. Lined by majestic stands of old trees its banks reveal many features of engineering and historic interest. Walk from the canal bridge towards Naas (R407). Take the right hand footpath over the railway bridge. Continue to the second right turn after the railway bridge. After two hundred metres take the footpath on the left hand side and cross the old railbridge – erected in 1883 as part of the Sallins-Naas-Tullow branch railway. In a short distance you will join the canal, this time the Naas branch from the main channel. Follow it past a set of locks and under the modern motorway bridge to reach the Leinster Mills, which were built in 1790 on the canal bank so that grain-laden barges could easily discharge their cargoes. Continue on the road admiring the wooded Oldtown Estate on the east bank. The road rises slightly past Oldtown lock (Can you spot the ‘Burg’ name inscribed on the pier of the lock chamber?) and continue on to Tandy’s Bridge, which is framed by trees dipping down to the estates on either side of the canal. Leinster Mills Canalside dwelling SALLINS TO NAAS THE GRAND CANAL 5.5 km / 3.5 miles NAAS TO CORBALLY HARBOUR THE GRAND CANAL 7.25 km / 4.5 miles LOWTOWN TO RATHANGAN THE BARROW LINE 12.5 km / 7.75 miles THE MILLTOWN FEEDER 8 km / 5 miles THE GRAND CANAL 49