RAIL SERVICE Athy Heritage Museum Athy Passing Milltown Bridge the road diverges slightly from the canal. Make your way on to the towpath, which narrows again to a small margin as the road regains the canal side. At Milltown Bridge you can also use the west bank. The flat terrain makes Athy seem closer than in fact it is and some perseverance is needed to reach Cardington lock and bridge on the outskirts of the town. Cross to the west bank. St. Vincent’s Hospital for the elderly is on the east bank of the canal. As you near Athy’s harbour its prosperity in the days of canal cargo is well represented by the extensive warehouses and canopy-covered loading bays. Keep to the west bank and thread your way among the warehouses on the approach to the harbour. The malting on the west bank is one of the largest in the region even if motor lorry rather than canal barge is now the means of transporting its barley from the rich tillage fields of south Leinster. Athy Harbour 47 THE BARROW LINE